How Do You Decide To Let A Bag Go?

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    When it is not a matter of needing money, how do you decide to let a bag go? Is there a time period you will wait to see if your going to use it? Or if it is a color or style you are not sure of, do you wait to see if it grows on you? It seems silly to have a bag or bags in my possession if they are going to stay in the closet, yet it still feels like agony to think about selling them! I currently have 5 Bal bags (which I am sure is a small number compared to most), two LV bags, and a few from other designers that are my key bags. Not counting evening bags. Out of these bags I always seem to use a few of them all the time, and continue to ignore the others (mainly my two darker bags of Indigo and Eggplant). And even though I cringe when I think of letting them go, I think it is silly to keep them, just to sit in my closet or to take pictures of.....
  2. I hate to think I won't use them so that is the deciding factor for me. I have 2 or 3 Balenciaga's I need to get rid of that are brand new. I hate to pass them up but then when I have them I realize "Oh, I probably won't use this one".:p
  3. i have a cardinal rule... I i don't use it whitin the first 2 weeks... I get rid of it. Because I know if i don't immediately use it... I deep down inside don't love it that much.
  4. when i don't use them for months...
    and when i'm eyeing a new bag and don't have more cash to splurge, so i have to sacrifice the other bag i don't love most to fund a new obsession :yes:
  5. :push: umm, how do i decide??? thats a tough question... well, i've let go of 2 b-bags but then got one back! I guess it really comes down to the colour... if i'm not happy with the colour then i'll let it go. As for the size... I think its best to not judge so quickly and give the size ago before deciding...
  6. I always pull out the item that I have "forgotten" about -- cause if I forget about it, that clearly means I am not using it.
  7. That's so true
  8. Ditto. I have a few bags I carry just occasionally but could never part with. When I find a bag back in the depths that hasn't seen daylight in months, it is time for that lonely bag to find a new home - then I use the money to buy another bag! :smile:
  9. I say if you don't love them, let them go. There are people who would love to have some of those colors that many of us just have sitting in our closets. Good B-bag karma to let them go.
  10. If I don't LOVE it anymore, on eBay it goes! I have never regretted selling a bag yet ...
    also, from what I have seen of your collection, it appears you love Bright colors best, so maybe you should sell the darker ones and purchase Brighter ones that you will love ?
  11. If i don't use them i'll sell it to make room for new one, just make sure you'll not miss them.
  12. I agree about making sure that you won't miss them when you sell them. I have done that before and had to rebuy . . . and then eventually resell when I reaffirmed that the bag still wasn't for me. I am in the same boat as you with the Indigo. I have one, and never use it, but I am unsure as to whether or not I want to sell! Let us know what you decide.:yes:
  13. I don't really have any time frame... when I get a new one I usually favor it over the others, but then go into a regular rotation. I use all my Bals right now, but recently let go of one that I had most emotional attachment to, but used least... I did it because I wanted something else. Usually it's after I used it to my heart's content... I've never been disappointed with a new purchase.
  14. hmm.. this is a toughie. Currently I have enough bags in rotation that a part of me feels that I could trim a few so I could use each bag more and none are sitting too long in the closet lonely, but today I went down the list in my head and I'm not able to trim down anything!! I think I'd only trim down the collection if I were to raise funds for something else.. be it a bag or any other purpose...

    If money isn't an issue, then why not keep them just for collection purposes? Especially since they make great showcases for your lovely gems! The two bags you're thinking of letting go are hard to find so once you do let them go they'll be gone in a flash... so there's more reason for you to be VERY SURE you won't regret it!
  15. I find it hard to part with my bags but I finally cleaned out my closet and sold some that I haven't even touched in a year(not bbags). I also sold bbags that I had 2 or more of the same color. You can store a lot of bbags and it doesn't look like you have a lot. :p They stack relatively flat if you just leave them in the dustbags.
    If I go through mine there is usally a LOVE it, LIKE it and CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT. I have about 7 LOVE ITs.
    Deana, how can you not love eggplant? It's my favorite and the one I get the most compliments on. Sell the Indigo, Balenciaga will probably make more blues this fall so with about 1000 blue Balenciaga's already available.......:p wouldn't be so hard to replace it with something similar. I sold my Calcaire City and that was tough. I wanted it forever but I could tell that either the box or the city were going to get left sitting in the closet a lot. Since that is my one and only Box, I sold the City. But it was hard because it was like new and so beautiful.
    I have one real regret and that is deciding on a whim to keep my new white City and sell my '04 white with silver. :crybaby: As I was getting it ready for shipping, I was reminded once again that the leather on this bag is by far the best of all of my bags. It is so silky soft, almost like velvet. I don't know how leather could be any better. It is perfection. But she will have a new home and I am sure that she will loved and used. I will miss that one.:crybaby: