How do you decide on your next bag purchase?

  1. in a dilemma again! papillon 26 in damier canvas or the batignolles vertical or the batignolles horizontal?

    i keep going back and forth, back and forth! how do you guys decide on which lv bag to get as your next purchase? do ya weigh the pros and cons or go according to your needs? when it comes to lv, i can't seem to be very rational!

    papillon 26 - wonderful going out bag
    batignolles vertical/horizontal - perfect for work/school

  2. personally I would go with the BH because I love a tote. If you already have a larger bag then you might want the cuteness of the 26. I love my 26 and use it all the time!

    Hope that helped at all!?!?!

    **I base my purchase on total
  3. ^^ditto. i'm bad, total impulse
  4. i know what ya guys mean about total impulse! ahhhhhh. i want a tote bag, but i want a papillon too! HAHAHAH. that's what makes it so hard, i want it allllllll!
  5. Well, I'm a "big bag" gal .... so out of those 3 choices I would personally go for the BH. :yes:
  6. I think papillon looks more ladylike, I like that. And personally I do think if you buy a LV, it should look elegant, firm (dont know if that is right word, hehe, but you know what i mean).

    Sorry, I am just not a big tote girl.
  7. BH hands down, one of the best bags I've ever bought.
  8. Usually I try to think about how much I'll need/use the bag before making a big purchase...for example I'll set limits like this:

    small bags (1-2)

    medium bags (2-3)

    large bag/tote (1-2)

    Small, I know, but I can't justify having too many bags that fit the same purpose. :sweatdrop:

    Then categorize by occasion:

    Errands/quick trips
    Shopping days
    School days
    Going out/night
    Overnight trips/travel
    Rainy days

    If I feel like I am lacking a bag in the above categories, then I'll choose a bag to fit the bill. Otherwise, I don't bother getting bags I don't really need.

    I know I'm crazy, but that's what happens when you're on a budget. :shame:

    Do you really need a going-out bag? Get the pap 26. Do you think you need a tote more than a going-out bag? I suggest the BH.
  9. whenever i buy anything, bags, shoes, whatever... i over analyze soo much that i wind up going back to square one lol. i usually make the decision by really thinking about what would get the most use and what's the most rational. i'm a list-maker so i would probably do the pros/cons chart if i were you :smile:
  10. I would go for the BV.
  11. well, lately i've been purchasing the smaller items on my list as i can afford them and can come up with the cash. i know i will eventually get everything on my list that i want, it's just a matter of in which order. lol. i just bought 6 items and spent over $4000 within the past 3 months, so i think i'm done for a little while. lol. next purchases will be actual bags since my last two were small accessory items. i want another bag in damier azur so i think i'm going to wait to see what new styles come out. sometimes i think about needs, but this weekend i was having issues trying to decide what to buy and decided to get a mini pochette to go inside bigger damier bags i'm planning to get. i usually go with WANT rather than NEED, with the exception of an azur cles because i really don't think i'll use it. doesn't mean i don't want one, lol, but know i don't need it. everything else i buy i want :smile:
  12. I just think about it for a really long time, see pictures of people with their purses etc and eventually I figure out the one that I love or must have the most atm :smile:
  13. thanks all for your responses! bernz84, i'll have to try out your method and see if it works! going by your method, i predict i'll get the BH. ah. but be still, my greedy greedy heart! (:
  14. Bv/bh
  15. bh! its so much more useful!