How do you decide on color/size/leather?

  1. I was wondering how you ladies who have or are coveting Birkins decide what color, size, and leather you would like? Since we cannot just walk into a H boutique and play with a variety of sizes and colors.... Looking at the leather color swatches are not too helpful since you don't know if you would like the whole bag in that leather/color.....kinda like looking at a little card of color while trying to decide what color to paint your whole room.

    I've been reading all your posts which have been very helpful however I don't want to miss out on a great color or leather just because I've never seen or felt in it person. I would love to hear how you all were able to narrow your dream bags down to one or two different leathers and colors, was it because you've seen someone else carrying that bag or you've seen a picture of it or you actually lucky enough to come across one in the boutique???

  2. Well - I try the bags at the boutique, and decide what size I like to carry, and what size suits my height/frame (Birkin 35 / Kelly 32 or 28)....THEN check out all the leathers - you will get a feel of what you like/don't like. Colours are easy, because I'm in the fashion business for my living, but I know what colours suit me, and what would compliment the rest of my wardrobe. I also takeinto consideration what the bags will be primarily used for...evening, day, casual, formal etc.......then ot narrows the choice down quite considerably. Once you have established a colour group, you can narrow it even further - ie: I love blues, but look AWFUL with dark blues, and mush prefer thalassa/brighton blues to the blue jean blues. THEN take into consideration what the colour you have chosen looks like on the leathers that you prefer - sometimes lighter, sometimes more saturated.

    Having said all that, I chose my Kelly in sellier, Box calf, black, because it is the quintessential Hermes leather/colour combo, and because I love how it will patina!

    Hope that helps!

    Good Luck in your quest - go and touch all the leathers at your nearest store!!
  3. My SA has been the best in helping me decide. A good SA can bring out a bag in a similar size for you to figure out the size issue and the colors are the same. Just seeing things on other people and other bags in the color not necessarily what you plan on ordering is even helpful. I say beyond color the leather choice is extremely important which is something I'd never thought of before getting to know and use Hermes.
  4. in search of.....I do not live near a I depend on my SA to email me/call me with suggestions. She is a great listener and so we talk with each other. I *think* you are asking in the sense that you are considering ordering a piece? I generally do not order....but the answer is the same.

    Have an SA who will listen, and suggest things...and show you different pieces in different leathers/colors either in person or by email pics....(whichever way you like to shop)

    My SA just sent me pics of a certain bag with accessories in it, to show me it would be large enough for my needs. She also sent me pics of close ups of leathers and different pics of the same size bag in different leathers/colors...again, if you can do this *in store* it's better, but, for me, this way worked too!

    Before she did this, I was just guessing about bag size and leather. So, the key is a helpful patient SA who wants you to be pleased....I feel.