How do you decide on a bag.........Color or Leather?

  1. I've got a dilemma. I love the color Ink and I want it in the Work size. My problem is that I really prefer the older leathers. I like how they're more distressed looking (wrinkly, slouchy and less smooth) than the newer bags. So, my dilemma is do I go ahead and get the INK work despite it not being my dream leather or get a s/s 05 work in indigo? tia
  2. I would go for the '05 work in the indigo color in a heartbeat. Love the color and love the '05 leather.
  3. i go for both-something in my fave color in the older leather. i say hold out for the indigo work.....
  4. Never seen the '05 Indigo IRL but I have to say INK is fabulous!! You will also have an easier time finding an Ink as opposed to an Indigo I would think. Good Luck with your decision and your hunt! :yes:
  5. I am the worst when it comes to deciding but in general I favor color over leather, most b-bags can be conditioned and end up soft and slouchy, what matters to me. Now I wouldn't get a bag which has really thin/plasticy leather neither like some ss06 had.
  6. i decide with the style adn leather first before the color...
  7. I would hold out for the indigo since it's your dream bag! You will find one eventually if you can wait!!!!!!
  8. I've found both colors in the Work, I just can't decide which one I want. I prefer the color ink but I like the leather of the indigo. If only I could see them IRL side by side!!! It probably would be a no brainer. Keep the responses coming.
  9. I think I decide on colour I want and then I go searching for the kind of leather I want.

    Occasionally I'll see bags where the leather is so scrumptious that I'll be tempted even though the colour isn't on my "top 5" list.

    I would never get a colour where I didn't love the leather though! If the leather is only "ok" and not exactly what you want - you'll end up not wearing it!
  10. I usually go for color over leather, unless it's the thin wrinkly ones.... hmmm....I'm feeling your dilemma too, since I like both colors. can you post pics of both? I think it'd be easier for the others to chime in with their opinions then.
  11. Well, I know this may not help - but I was planning on posting pics today or tomorrow of my new little "collection" which has the ink & indigo colors in it, which the colors would be next to each other... but not the Work style...

    After seeing both IRL, I love both colors (and styles - one is a first, the other is a city)... but the 05 leather is TDF!!! If you have the chance to grab a 05 Indigo... I would 100% say yes, get Indigo, because the color is gorgeous, esp. with the leather...
  12. Does the indigo resemble how the ink looks in the daylight (purplish color)? I found this pic of indigo and it's gorgeous! Is this an accurate photo of the color?


    Ink with flash


    They look really similar. I think the indigo was taken with less light and the ink was taken with more light. What do you think?
  13. hmm.. that Ink looks like it has more bluish tones than purplish tones. For the Ink Work you're considering - is it more purplish or more bluish?

    The Indigo would NOT look purplish in light. It's more of a real blue and isn't like Ink which seems to morph colours all the time...
  14. I'd love to see a photo of your two bags side by side with flash and without. I've noticed that the color of bags look a little darker IRL than in photos because of the flash. I was really surprised how much darker my rouge theatre was in person when I got it. I love the color but I wasn't expecting it to be that much darker than rouge vif. Thanks if you can do this.
  15. i would go for the indigo if it is your dream bag. Bc you'd just be wasting your money if you spend it on a bag you don't love