How do you decide how much you want to spend on a purse,a pair of shoes,clothes?

  1. I was wondering how you decide if the 1000 dollar boots you want are worth it or not.

    I for example can't buy those 1000 dollar boots because the 300 or 400 dollar ones are great quality and have a fair price i ussualy buy them on sale but with purses i don't have this redenation i just can't do it with mid level
  2. Great question, I was having this very conversation with a fellow pfer the other day.

    We were umming and ahhing over a coat that cost 250 pounds (about 500 dollars), and its so crazy. We would wear this coat day in and day out, yet you are still thinking is it worth it, YET then spend a 1000 pounds on a bag that you will just pop in and out of its dustbag!!! its a crazy world for sure!

    With boots, I have to adore them to spend over 500 pounds, but my Chloe paddington pair were 700 and have seen me through 2 winters now with no wear to speak of, so were more than worth the money imo :smile:
  3. I don't really have a set limit before I shop for an item. I usually comparison shop. If I can find something that's a great deal, I don't REALLY have an limit (the only limit is how much burden on the finances I can take...not so much how much I'm willing to spend). So if I find a pair of shoes that are $500 marked down from $2000, I'll buy them faster than a pair of shoes that were $100 marked down to $80.
  4. i don't decide how much im going to spend it's more like if i see a bag i just fall in love with i will get it although im having a little trouble with a certin Hermes bag but over all i just get it now for shoes if it's more than 120 i think to myself thats soo feet hurt all the time when i wear heels so i don't wear them often so they just sit in the box forever this weekend i just found a pair of shoes i completely forgot i had.
    I figure as long as im going to use it or wear it very often then it's worth it if not it's a waste of money and that money can go towards a bag:graucho:
  5. The amount I love it usually depends on the amount I'm willing to spend. I have to really really love it to spend the major £££!

    If I just half like something, or if I'm say buying boots just because I need boots, and not because those are 'the boots' then I'll spend less. Kwim? My bank balance is also a pretty big deciding factor!
  6. The things I buy are things I usually fall in love with,
    and once that happens, there's no turning comes home with me !!
  7. Oddly enough I have no limit for bags and much lower limits for shoes/clothing! I think it is because a bag can last pretty much for years and years and you can usually get a good return on eBay! Whereas shoes & clothes not so much!!
  8. I don't have a limit on how much I spend on things. If I like it, I buy it.
  9. Well I look at my bank account , get pissed because the balance is never enough:tdown: and then figure out what cloths can be purchased at the dollar store :p
  10. Same here!
  11. I look at the price tag.
  12. It depends on how much I love it, within reason though. If I fell in love with a $10k bag or pair or shoes, I'd never buy them.
  13. For some bizzare reason, I have a $100 barrier for tops and skirts, and $150 barrier for dresses, shoes, pants and jackets. If it's below the barrier, I just have to like it, if it's above, I have to love it. I also only shop at sales, and it has to be 30% off before I will purchase anything.

    However, on bags, I have a yearly budget. I get what I want up to that budget, then I stop.
  14. ITA. However, I do have a certain price limits with things. Like certain brands, for both bags and clothes, I won't spend over a certain amount because I don't like their quality or I think for that amount I get get a brand I like better. That's part of the reason I refuse to buy things from Coach. Their prices are so high, for the quality and label, that'd I'd rather buy something say LV or put the money towards it and add more.
  15. If I like something and can buy it I will, if its a high price item, I must LOVE it and if I do, I buy it. I was just saying to my friend the other day, I went to Zara, Selfridges etc and I could not find a wow winter coat anywhere! Its annoying when you have the money, but when you dont have the money - lots of lovely goodies appear.x