How do you decide how much tell sell your bags for?

  1. I was contemplating selling off a few bags. But my main concern is how much to sell them for. When you guys decide to sell off some of your collection how do you go about deciding how much to sell them for? Do you deduct off of the original price? What if it is a discontinued piece - is the bag then worth more? How much of a loss are you willing to accept on your bags? Sorry for all the questions but this has been driving me nuts :nuts:. So much so that I even had a dream about posting this thread the other night (you know you are addicted to the PF when....).

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :flowers:

    Edited to say : sorry about the misspelling. The thread title should say "How do you decide how much to sell your bags for?"
  2. I wonder the SAME thing. For example the moment you drive a car off the lot, it depreciates 20%.

    So what about bags???
  3. You can do a search on Ebay of completed listings. I just look up my bag, and see how much they go for there. Then you can do up your listing accordingly.
  4. yeah, i agree with tln, but sometimes, i just put some value on the opening auction price and let the bag go to the highest bidder.
  5. I agree w/ you guys. Check completed listings on e-bay first then go w/ your gut.
  6. I've only sold a couple, and I usually just start them at any price, and sell from there. If it's something I want to guarantee a certain amount for, then I'll set a reserve.
  7. Thanks everyone!