How Do You Deal With........

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  1. being out and about and seeing someone else carrying one of your other treasured handbags that is not on your arm at the moment? Do you know what I mean? Like you leave the house with a Balenciaga bag and you're at a restaurant and there is someone carrying the Vuitton Theda ( that's at home in your closet) and you feel like darn, I wish I could bond with that woman and be carrying my Theda too! I know this might seem silly but when you have a lot of great bags does this feeling ever happen to you too?
  2. I don't really have any friends who carry and love designer bags as much as I do. So whenever I do see someone with a bag I love/have, then I do wish I had a friend with whom to bond over admiring handbags. But because most of these people I see are way older than me, I rarely have thought about wanting to bond with "that woman."
  3. I try to walk away from people who carry the same thing as I am.
    I don't know or don't want to guess what she feel so mind as well
    avoid them.
  4. LMAO!! I really thought I was the only one like you. This happens all of the time! You are not alone in this situation.
  5. hehehe, it totally does happen - when i take twiggy out for a walk i see, lots of Speedy 30's and then i think, "crap should of taken mine out" i like doing the whole eyeing up the bag thing "is that fake?" hehehehehe!
  6. You're not alone! I usually say " that b**ch has the bag I want!" :lol: NOt out loud of course. :biggrin: It's worse if your friend or a family member states that they don't like a particular bag you've been wanting, buys it and says " I know I said I didn't like it at first but it grew on me!" *Ugh*
  7. ^^^^^ I know what you mean. They probably saw the reason why you've been wanting it.
  8. I saw a woman w/ my Balenciaga city at Nordstrom, except hers was orange and older. I was so delighted that I went up to her and said "we're twins!", but she just smiled uncomfortably and didn't say anything. :sad:

    I felt so bad, do people not like it when you do that?
  9. maybe it was a fake and she thought you were calling her on it?

    or maybe she was just uptight. once when I was at work a customer had the same sweater I was wearing, so I said 'goodbye, sweater twin; when she left. I thought it was hilarious, she didn't look that thrilled though.
  10. :lol::lol: ... If it were me I would have thought it was cute!
  11. haha i want to claw it off their arms!!
  12. i actually don't like when friends have the same bag as i do. and if i'm wearing a bag and i see another woman out with the same one, it drives me absolutely crazy. i mean, i know i'm not the only one that owns that bag, but i like to think i am.
  13. i was in toronto last week and i felt like paddys were eveywhere (and a ton of other gorgeous bags)...i just tried not to drool too much and keep the staring to a minimum