how do you deal with your spouse/SO's snoring?

  1. I am sitting here typing and listening to my DH snoring up a storm. outside my bedroom door i can hear my dog snoring too. only i can't figure out who snores the loudest:hrmm: . I am wondering if i will sleep well tonite, or will i be constantly woken up by that horrible snoring:rant: again.
    How do you ladies and gentlemen deal with the loud snoring next to you?
  2. I hold his nose so he can't breathe...that tends to wake him up just enough to stop snoring!! (use extreme caution when doing this, as I would hate to have you suffocate your DH!!!!!!)
  3. 1. I wake him up and tell he to turn over.
    2. I start messing with his ear or nose and then he stops.
  4. :roflmfao: i think i will try this tonight. with caution of course. does yours deny that he snores?
  5. i tried that before and did not get me anywhere. glad it works for you.:amuse:
  6. Does he by chance have sleep apnea (temporary absence or cessation of breathing) or has he been checked for this?

    Ear plugs can help plus some white noise e.g. a fan.
  7. I know other couple who make the dh sleep in another room. :yes: No need to wake up grouchy in the morning when he had a restful night of sleep.:blink:

  8. i keep begging him to get checked out. he insists that he does not snore.

    could it be sleep apnea or the fact that he does a crazy insane work out prior to arriving home:hrmm: .
  9. my next house will have to have a bedroom just for me:rolleyes: .
  10. It could be sleep apnea and it is definitely worth checking out. The snoring can coexist with sleep apnea. It's a health issue for you, because you're unable to sleep and it could be for DH as well.

    Try recording his snoring and play it back for him. :ninja:
  11. i'll record him tonite
  12. I wake him up and tell him to turn over. Thank goodness he doesn't snore that often.
  13. When we first got married I kept kicking him, until he became grouchy for lack of good sleep. I bought him one of those wonder pillows where the beck is supported, and he's been a quiet sleeper ever since.
  14. I did that LOL! He was mortified!! Now when I poke him he doesn't ask what how loud he was being because he heard it all for himself. And when I wake him to turn the other way he does it right away.
  15. i did that :yes:! when i let him listen to it he was appalled :lol:.

    when we first got together i couldn't stand his snoring. it used to keep me up.

    but now i'm so used to it that it doesn't really bother me anymore. i'm immune now :noworry: