How Do You Deal with Stress?

  1. I've had a really stressful week at work, and lately, I've been finding myself doing a lot of online shopping (when I have the chance, that is) and surfing TPF... How do you all deal with stress? Do you find yourself buying unnecessary things, as I do? :nogood:
  2. yeah well retail therapy is one thing - but ive seen it never helps even if u buy loads ur back to square one -
    one thing helps me alot is cooking! i love to cook and occasionaly when im stressfull i cook and make a tasty dish for all my family (of 9 people lol) and its real fun!

    but i guess this can only help if u love cooking, know how to cook and have two assistant cooks in the kitchen lol!! :biggrin:
  3. Usually shopping!! This year though has been so stressfull that I lost interest in that and just stayed holed up in my house, up until this month. I guess I'm starting to feel better if at least I feel like shopping.
  4. Shopping for me too, but I have to admit, it doesn't always make me feel better. Just leaves me with more bills!
  5. Shopping yes, but only if with cash and not racking up th cc's.

    Other things I love:
    - tPF!
    - getting together with friends or chatting on the phone...
    - Gardening. After pounding on a keyboard all day there is something very therapeutic about digging in dirt.
  6. Depends on what kinda stress....sometimes I shop, sometimes I exercise, sometimes I take a bath and just withdraw from people for awhile, sometimes I go out for margaritas and dinner with my friends.
  7. i take a nap!
  8. If I don't shop to alleviate stress, I cook a complicated meal (sounds counterintuitive but it works). I like preparing meals. Or, I go for a manicure and a pedicure. Other than that, I reach out to friends and talk.
  9. Of course! Retail therapy cures everything! (temporarily) I usually end up returning alotta the things I buy while splurging.

    When I'm stressing it's usually about schoolwork, so I try harder to get more things done, and that helps reduce stress a lot too.

    Maybe a day at the spa will help for you!
  10. Yes! shopping! But I also work out! Then take a nice soak in the tub!
  11. Watching Trash TV, finding some ugly or mediocre object and giving it an acrylic paint n' polyurethane makeover, having a bubble bath while listening to Verdi operas turned up real loud and singing along...

    If it is really bad, I put on unlikely combinations of eyeshadow and go outside to frighten passing neighbor children, whom I then decorate with temporary tattoos and stick-on piercing bling, and send on their way, while I position myself discreetly to watch hilarity ensue as they go home to surprise their mothers.
  12. I grab the camera and head for the mountains.
  13. Shopping!! It's the best stress reliever. I'm way into retail therapy. There's nothing like the feeling of buying something that you like to make you feel better and content. =) Happy Shopping.
  14. Retail therapy helps me out a lot, and I like to take bubble baths nightly. Also going down to the barn and cleaning my horses stall is very stress relieving. There is something very therapeutic about shoveling horse sh!t!

    Also cuddling with my dogs is very stress releiving!
  15. Shopping helps me too. I live near the beach, so going there w/ my boyfriend is a great stress relief!