How do you deal with stress? Meditation?

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  1. There was a good program on PBS a couple of weeks ago on the mind-body connection, and how contemporary western medicine is incorporating ancient eastern techniques such as visualization, breath and mindfulness meditation to help patients deal with stress and prepare for surgery.

    How do you deal with stress? Have you tried meditation? What has been your experience?
  2. I've tried and it didn't do diddly-squat for me. I'd rather go running or something.
  3. I sleep or make soap. I find it very therapeutic. Shopping always helps!
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  4. Shopping does the job.
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  5. Sleep, surfing, and going "To hell with it!" and doing something irresponsible like shopping helps me.

  6. shopping, sleeping or going for a long walk... smoking use to do the job nicely! hehe!
  7. I sleep, shop, or play with my dog.
  8. shopping helps.
  9. BUY A new bag!!! Does it every time for me!!LOL!
  10. Running, blasting loud music and singing at the top of my lungs, going to a good Spinning class, reading a silly chick lit book, and sometimes shopping :shame: I try not to do too much of that when I'm stressed, leads to impulse buying.
  11. vent it out in my journal or to a person.. then get myself a mani/pedi
  12. Playing with animals, taking a long bath, or shopping. It's amazing how just walking into the mall clears my mind even if I don't buy anything. It's sort of an escape for me.
  13. Shopping or running :smile:
  14. How do you deal with stress? Have you tried meditation? What has been your experience?

    I workout, cardio kickbox, run, swim, jog, boxing.

    I have acupuncture once a week and see a Naturopath vs. a Conventional Doctor. I also have an IV Vitamin therapy drip when I feel a cold coming on.

    Also I Drink a lot of water, and stay away from refined sugar and processed food, HTH ;)

    (My father meditates and has done so for a long time).
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  15. Shopping, sleeping, walking, yoga, talking to my husband and best friends. Vacations always help. And playing with my dog.
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