How do you deal with someone that doesn't pay/contact you?

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  1. Okay, my auctions say to contact me within 2 days and pay in 3. I'm flexible, but just tell me when to expect payment...

    I have had quite a few NPBs lately. If they're not going to pay, at least they could contact me and let me know they don't want the item any more. Then its amicable. They don't leave me hanging.

    I recently had a bag sell for almost $400 and I didn't hear from the winner until the 3rd day. Its cuz I got so irritated I sent 10 invoices in a row politely asking for payment. I just bombarded their email. If they would have said something to me about the repeated emails, I would have blamed it on ebay. It worked. They paid.

    I have sent 2 invoices to a recent winner. No contact. How do I politely ask a buyer to pay or tell me they don't want it, without really giving them an out? I thought about saying something like this, "Hi, I haven't heard from you and its 2 days since the auction ended. If the payment isn't received tomorrow and I don't hear from you, I'll try calling the number for you that ebay provides. I hope all is well and I can hear from you soon. Thanks!" I'm not really going to call, but I thought I'd throw that out there.

    I'd like to hear what others do to try and ensure payment from winners.
  2. I usually send an invoice a day until the buyer pays...if they don't pay then I email them on the 4th day reminding them that on the 7th day, I will open an NPB alert. I haven't had to take it that far recently but I did get a buyer who rudely told me to "Stop sending me invoices. I will pay on Friday." No please, no thank you, nothing.

    For me, it's kind of annoying, if buyers need more time to pay, it would be nice to have them email to let me know that, but ignoring me my emails and invoices isn't the best way to go about things, you know? I'm really easy to work with if I'm notified of things.
  3. I usually put in my listings that "payment is appreciated within 36 hours"...I send an invoice every day until they pay! If they do not pay by the 8th day, I am ticked and open a dispute!
  4. i think sending 10 invoices seems a little excessive ! ebay gives them 7 days anyway, i send one when the auction ends and if i don't hear anything for 3-4 days i'll send another, i'd be peeved if i was bombarded with invoices, but then i always pay as soon as the auction ends or as soon as i hit the BIN button !
    i understand the frustration of waiting for payment though .
  5. I send an invoice and then a friendly message via Ebay if I hear nothing by the 4 day mark rather than another invoice. I hope this doesn't turn out to be another NPB for you - it is so horrid. Here's hoping your buyer is just busy.
  6. This is what happens when people set an "automatic bid" and forget about it til days later. Apparently they don't check their email either... :cursing:
  7. I'm faced with this situation now and it's really annoying. The item cost peanuts but I want to know how to proceed. I noticed that the buyer has a lot of feedback, but also has 4 NPB. Based on her past history and the comments in this thread, I'm going to send at least one invoice a day until the one week is up. Hopefully she will act.
  8. One time I just finished negotiating with a potential buyer on the price we were both comfortable on one of my high end item auctions until Ms Bozo sprang out of nowhere and hit BIN. I was happy at the same time frustrated because she hasnt replied any of the emails I sent her. I waited 7 days and I reported her a a NPB. Nothing happened. I lost the potential buyer to another auction in that 7 days I was waiting for Ebay to do something and I had to relist the item. So in short, nothing happens to a NPB if they dont pay. Are there consequences for NPB (besides an alert which keeps popping up when they signed in)???
  9. How do I send more than one invoice? I can't figure out how to do this. :confused1::?:
  10. i say "please pay in 48 hours" but I still have so many NPB lately!!

    i also have a question: when can I make a second chance offer? I have a winner with (-1) feedback who is still NBP 5 days after the action. Do i have to file a dispute before 2nd chance? I really would prefer NOT to sell to the winner. :cursing:
  11. i think you just hit "send invoice" again. and you can also send messages with "contact buyer."
  12. I send one invoice when the auction ends, and if I haven't received payment a few days later, I'll send another. If a few more days pass and I still haven't heard anything, I'll message the buyer on the day before ebay allows me to open a dispute saying something like "I am just reminding you that I am still awaiting payment for the item you purchased on xx/xx/xxxx. If payment is not received by tomorrow, I feel that I will have no choice but to file an unpaid item dispute."

    I don't bother being overly nice about it because after 7 days of no communication, it's pretty clear that the buyer isn't trying to be considerate of ME. I'm more than happy to work with people who contact me immediately, and I never mind waiting a day or two to receive payment, but I have very little patience for people who bid and then treat it as though their payment is optional. If someone has more or less ignored me for a week, I don't ever give them an "out." After all that, if they respond on the last day saying they don't want the item, I still file a dispute so they receive the strike. Maybe that's mean, but I've had a lot of deadbeat buyers lately, and if people are going to be so inconsiderate of my time and my resources, they should at least have to suffer the proper consequences.
  13. I have two right now.

    On one I agreed to wait three weeks for payment and now a family member has died.
    On another they indicated to me that there was an issue with a hold on a check they deposited, but poof haven't heard from them either.
  14. It's really weird that this is happening so often!!!
    When i buy something on an auction site, it is becaus ei realy want the item, if i do for som ereason have to wait 2 days to be able to pay i will notify the seller, that is just lucky if the seller agree's..

    The policys ebay has set should only be for worst case scenario's and it is shocking that buyers really think they have 7 days to cough up the dough when in reality you just bought the item and need to pay for it!!!

    Grrr.. makes me mad
  15. i'm not brave enough to do that. i'm too scared of getting negative feedback. :sad: