How do you deal with saying goodby to your MJ's?

  1. I'm sure there have been threads about this before, but how do you ladies deal with saying goodby to the MJ bags that you have decided to "recycle". I have had a lot of non-MJ bags in the past and saying goodby was. . .mmmm definitely NOT a huge deal.

    Then. . .

    I sold my Brick Red '05 Frame Satchel this weekend because I found my Bordeaux stam which took it's place as my go-to-red-bag. I CAN'T justify buying something without letting something go (otherwise I end up with closets that don't "function" for lack of a better term). Anyone who knows me knows that I am constantly selling, consigning, or flat out giving away clothes and accessories. . .but then came MJ.

    Seriously though I was just sick:crybaby:. Then today I was packing her up and looking at her rich red leather I had a little panic attack! What is wrong with me?? Why does MJ do this to me?

    I will be mailing her tomorrow and it's going to be a sad trip to the P.O.:sad:.

    Can anyone relate?
  2. Oh....I can totally relate! I just sold an Indigo sophia and almost had a heart attack! I searched and searched for this bag - and didn't want to let her go - but I had to b/c I had the same colored bag in the Blake...she was so pretty...:love: I have the hardest time w/ MJ bags b/c they are just so beautiful....I think a lot of them are collectors items, trophies if you will.
    I have tight bonds with some of my bags that I cannot let go. AS for the the nonfunctioning closet....mine is totally dysfunctional...I usually fall asleep on the couch at night and don't have time to switch my bags as much as I would like to. I have some gorgeous bags I havent worn yet. I could learn a lot from you spaceyjacy - I really should sell as I buy...but some things I just can't let go of.
  3. ^LOL, I meant to say when I saw your collection: why are there tags still on some of those bags!!

    I've had to learn to be really brutal with the closet "turnover". It usually really works to improve the quality of my fashion life but I was really shocked at how I actually felt heartbroken over this MJ bag:confused1:.
  4. i get the sick feeling too..ugh. the teal lola on eBay right now :sad:. i hardly use her and i search and searched for her. this is her 1st relist and when she didn't sell the first time i was like...pheeew. we'll see how i feel in an hour. i used to never sell any of my purses, but i've come to realize that if i don't use them for a year i might not ever use them. i've never had an attachment to any of my purses like i do to mj.
  5. I don't deal with it well at all. I've only sold two from my collection and I'm still wondering if I made the right choice. I'm way overdue for a MJ closet overhaul but I keep putting it off. I've even gone as far as to take detailed pictures and write part of the description but I never list them. Obviously I have issues. :push:
  6. ^ Melly if you ever purge, do give us a headsup! :nuts: :p
  7. This is an interesting topic. I haven't had to get rid of any of my MJ's, thank goodness. I just don't know if I could. To me, they are not just handbags, but collectors items. I think part of the difficulty is that a lot of these bags were not just picked up off a shelf in a store. Some were searched for, obsessed about, hunted down...LOL! Major sweat and time were invested. All kidding aside, I think it would be really, really difficult for me. I am going to try to keep mine.

    But, to be honest, I am also a knitter and have tons and tons of really nice yarn. (I know this sound weird, trust me it ties in with the MJ) I have been selling some of my yarn, because I know there are some MJ's that I am going to want and I see all this yarn as potential MJ money. Plus, all this yarn takes up much more space than an MJ, so it's a good thing to get rid of that and get the bag, right?

    It's true that we seen to have more of an attachment to the MJ's. I definitely wouldn't feel as bad getting rid of some of my other bags. In fact, I have a BIG pile of vintage Coach and Brighton bags that I just pulled out of my closet that I am giving to a friend of mine. I have no problem saying "bye-bye" to those!
  8. ^rorosity, I do the same thing with fabric! And yes it takes up more room than anything else I own. I don't have any rules about it. . .maybe I should?
  9. LOL! I used to hoard fabric. I had to stop. I would collect it with all these great intentions. I keep forgetting I am not single with no kids anymore. In the "old" days, I had time to sew and create. I have substituted it with knitting, because you can still be creative, but it is much more portable. Yarn still takes up lots and lots of room and if I added up the $$ spent on all the yarn I have, I could have bought a lot of MJ bags. So, I have decided to whittle down the stash. I'm not as attached to my yarn as I am to my MJ's.
  10. I do have the same feelings when I sell. I actually want to purchase the bag when I am writing up the listing (as if I didn't already have the bag in my possession). I become attached to MJ bags and other bags! I have actually cried when I have found out it sold. Later, I feel less emotional about it as time passes. I have had regrets of getting rid of some bags that I returned to the store. Later, I will look for the bag in the stores hoping it will turn up again. Strange, I know.....

  11. Let me know if you go crazy and decide to sell:graucho: Hell, I'd sleep in your closet, if I could.

  13. Ahhh, I did the same thing! I though I was loony!
  14. sorry about that above.. OH i know it's hard to get rid of them.. Good Luck hope all goes well.
  15. omg..hehe. i am like this with paper. i'm an origami fanatic on and off. i have really nice origami paper but never use, i just look at it. i'm a freak.