How do you deal with retaliation negative feedback on Ebay?

  1. I am so mad. Dumb non-paying bidder did not pay after I accepted a best offer on EBay. I waited over 2 weeks and still no payment. Then she wanted to know why I was charging $XX for shipping and handling. I clearly wrote on my terms and conditions of my sale that international shipping and handling is a flat $XX amount (because I use global express insured shipping). I got my Ebay fees back and gave her a negative feedback. Sure enough, she gave me a retaliation negative feedback saying that I did not wait for payment. IT HAS BEEN OVER 2 WEEKS AND I did not wait for payment???? Makes me so mad!!! Especially since my terms and conditions were that winner must notify me within 72 hours. ARRGGGHHH!!!!

    She did this before too to a couple other sellers. I wished I payed more attention to her feedback comments (she had one negative and one mutally withdrawn for the same exact thing!). So annoying. Now only thing I can do is request a mutual feedback withdraw, but I think she has to agree. ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Why are people so damn lame and retarded????:rant: Anyways, just had to vent. Wanted to know how you ladies would have handled things.
  2. When I see negative feedbacks on someones ebay page - I always look to see if they posted a response to it. Post a response to it on your feedback shortly explaining your situation :smile:
  3. The exact thing happened to me! I feel your frustration. This is why I hate ebay sometimes; there's no check on people who behave like complete a$$holes. I posted a reply feedback, but it still didn't make me feel better b/c my feedback % was ruined. Boo!
  4. Happened to me also. I gave someone a neutral and they turned around and gave me a negative out of retaliation, and the seller was clearly at fault. She sent me the wrong item, when I explicity asked her about it before I bid and paid right away.

    The only thing you can do is explain the situation or both agree to pull the negatives, and than you will only be able to see each others comments. The only thing about that is the dead-beat buyer wont get the rating she deserves and that others can see, but again, they will always see your comments that were left.
  5. Happens to the best of us. Kiss it off, this time tomorrow it won't bother you half as much.
  6. yep, post a comment underneath, saying something like - Loser, just leaves negative for no reason underneath.
    People will see that she is the one with the crap feedback.

    I agree, ebay sucks, and it is such a huge flaw that if somebody does not pay or vice versa, if you leave negative, they are going to do the same back. each case should only be allowed to go one way, or otherwise its just not right :sad:
  7. Did she respond to the unpaid dispute? If not, then it doesn't count.
    Calmly respond to it with something like:

    "No payment in 2 weeks. Filed UID. Retaliatory feedback."
  8. She did respond to the unpaid notice. Here is the break down of events:

    1. I accepted her Best Offer (which was a lot less than what I wanted to sell the bag for, but I just wanted to sell it because I was tired of trying to sell it.
    2. I clearly wrote on my terms of sale that winner needs to contact me within 72 hours of auctions end and that the shipping and handling cost is $75 for international.
    3. I sent her 4-5 invoices and still no response from her but I could not ask for a non-paying strike until 7 days after auctions end.
    4. On day 7, she marks the auction as paid through paypal (so I await for payment to clear).
    5. Usually it takes 4-5 days for Paypal to clear its funds, but one week later still payment has not cleared.
    6. Now we are at 2 weeks and still no payment, so I initiate the non-paying strike.
    7. She replies back and tries to negotiate the shipping cost to $35. I am sorry but S&H cost were clearly stated in my terms that international shipping is $75. I don't know where she gets the $35 number, but I believe she is just trying to stall and honestly by this time I did not want to deal with her anymore (cuz at least I still have the bag in my possession).
    8. I explained that I use Global Express Shipping with insurance and that there is a handling fee for packaging etc. I cannot believe the nerve of this girl. Where the heck did she get $35??? This is sending a package from US to GERMANY. And does she think that I am stupid enough to not insure the package?
    9. I decided not to risk it and closed the dispute and left her a negative feedback, stating: " Non-paying bidder. 2 weeks and no payment. Then tried to negotiate on S&H. "
    10. She retaliated by leaving me this neg feedback : "$75 for shipping although it costs $35!No explanation.Has not waited for payment"
    11. I replied to the neg feedback she gave me with: "LIAR! I waited over 2 weeks. Global Express S&H w/ insurance to Germany is $75"

    It is just so annoying because now my % has dropped significantly. Whatever. Really it is her loss. She could have had an amazing bag for a great price, but whatever.
  9. Mutual feedback withdraw is great if she is willing to comply. But if not there are 2 ways that you can try..

    One way to get your neg off completely: Get her info by "Find member contact". If you find any false info (phone #, address, etc) report it to eBay. If they confirm its fake, your neg is removed completely.

    Also, did you open a non-paying bidder dispute? If you open one and she doesn't respond to it, your neg can be removed from the % but it will still be there for others to read. Just be sure to leave a reply before doing anything so others can see your side of the story.

    Hope this helps =)
  10. I hate that about eBay! Sorry :sad: it is unfair when honest people have to deal with that. THere have been quite a few times where I wanted to leave my honest opinion and I've refrained... because I knew I'd get a negative in retalliation. It really is an eBay flaw, I"m not sure how they should resolve it... but i wish it was a different system.
  11. Great news! I just relisted the bag and a wonderful pF member snatched it up. :yahoo: Ha! To that dim-wit. I hope she kicks herself when she realized that she gave up a great bag for a super duper price.
  12. SOme times you just have to suck it up. OSryr it sucks I think the best thing you can do is just explain it in your feedback.

    Also while the percentage may have dropped jsut remeber it will go back up as you continue to be an honest active user of ebay. And the stupid twit will pretty soon be refused in other transactions as a result of her 'behavior' which will be reflected to other sellers, in her feedback.

    Also you may wnat to keep an eye out in the enxt few months and just warn other sellers of her antics. SO that they can protect themselves.
  13. I gave a seller a neutral for posting photo's that made the item look great when it was in REALLY rough shape.

    They retaliated with a
    Neutral and a "Bad Buyer, didn't talk to me first."

    I said, "I'm a great buyer with a keen eye!"

    In the end, a LOT of MY buyers found this was a GOOD thing because they knew I was a stickler and wouldn't screw them around on any of the items I was selling!
  14. Go onto the ebay boards, because I know on the UK site, about 6 months ago they introduced a thing where if a non payer, or non performer left neg feedback, it can be withdrawn by ebay.

    The ebay forums are good for this sort of info, do a search first, and see what you can find.

    Good luck

  15. Unfortunately, because she responded you can only get it removed through mutual agreement. It's worth a try....maybe she doesn't want the negative either.
    Your percentage will bounce back. I had one neg about 3 years ago because some bozo didn't use the right ISBN number for a used school book and ordered the wrong he negged me LOL
    Best advice I can ever give sellers is to not leave feedback until the buyer has left feedback for you.