How do you deal with Paddington's heaviness?

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  1. How do you paddington owners deal with the heaviness of the bag? I have a Paddington bag and Paddington buyer’s tote which are large enough as an everyday bag for me. which is why I bought them. But walking around downtown (Im an actor so I am always running from place to place) it gets so tiring and heavy. Plus im pretty petite too. My shoulders ache so much after carrying it all day. So I ended up having to go to a chiropractor who told me that I need to get rid of the bags right away as they were doing disastrous things to my spine. Has anyone else had this problem? I also see other petite people (aka Nicole Ritchie, Kate Bosworth) carry the Paddington but it seems fine for them. What do you think?
  2. i am a petite too...and got a paddy, i tried to shop and hang out all day with it and sometimes i its alrite someitmes i have the same problem as you mentioned-shoulder ache so much and seems getting exhausted...:sweatdrop:

    so now i probably decided not gonna spend whole day walking...hanging round without any rest or so i probably wouldnt carry it all day long...
  3. i think you will definitely seems alrite carrying a nice lovely smooshy bag...down the streets...yet you may jsut feel abit exhausted afterall, you will carry on cause they are too adorable!
  4. I know this is against our "code" but I sometimes take the padlock off if I know I will be out all day... it helps!
  5. Can't do them........I've tried, in fact, I'm returning a tall satchel that I just bought, every time I tried it on to see how it looked, my shoulders hurt for an hour. In all fairness, I do have a bad neck and back, so I guess they are not for me. I'm not petite, I'm 5'9" and I still can't take the weight. Beautiful bags, but I've come to the realization I need something different.
  6. I think beacuse I love the style so much, I have pushed the fact thats its heavy out of my mind. However, if you don't carry to much stuff it's bearable.
  7. I just got used to the weight, and now its no big deal, especially since i can just throw it on my shoulder. I think if it is too heavy, try to pair down what you put into it. But the more you use it, hte less it will bother you! Think of it as an extra workout LOL!
  8. Pride feels no pain LOL All of my bags are big & I load them so heavy :sad:
  9. :confused1: But doesnt that defeat the purpose? I mean atleast with the tote, you buy it b/c it can fit so much stuff in addition to style, but if you cant put too much stuff in it b/c it will weigh you down then what is the point? My shoulders do ache after wearing the paddingtons, even with the lock off. Heck they even weigh my boyfriend down when he's carrying them due to me being to sore lol

    As lovely as they are, im just concerned about the long term effects of such a heavy bag on your posture and spine. I mean if you're paying so much $$ for a bag, why wouldnt they include functionality AND design into it? (I guess fashion and functionality never went hand in had to begin wtih though :p)
  10. too! Even worse, I NEVER use the padlock:nuts:. I love the paddy for herself:heart:, not the lock.
  11. good working out. dont you think?
  12. :ninja::ninja: Me too! We'd better hide!

    On a side note - mini paddingtons do seem significantly lighter to me. I'm not sure if its just the 07's but they dont feel heavy at all...
  13. :confused1:
    Here are some tips on carrying a Paddy that definitely work for me (and I have two bulging disks in C4 and C5)!

    1. Clear out the unnecessary clutter in your Paddy and also check your cosmetic case and wallet for items/cards you absolutely do not need!

    2. I never RAISE the shoulder on which I carry my Paddy or any other bag.

    3. Relax the shoulder, that will ease muscle strain/tension!

    4. If the bag is falling off the shoulder, resist the urge to raise your shoulder. Just use your hand to secure the bag.

    5. When carrying on shoulder, I sometimes move the bag forward and support the weight in my hand.

    6. Switch positions as often as possible! Satchels are wonderful because you can also carry the bag in hand, or in the crook of your arm (looks fab!) and maybe even on the shoulder, so carrying it 6 different ways reduces constant stress on one area of the body.

    Hope this helps!

    Now if someone can give me tips for walking in 4 inch heels...:confused1: LOL!
  14. Personally I just got used to the weight, now I do go to the gym on a regular basis (bodypump classes, weights) and carry an 18 month old a lot so compared to that the bag is lightweight;):p. But I must say that I don't walk all day (get in and out of the car a lot instead) and I switch bags a lot , so I don' carry the paddy all the time.
    Now if you really can't stand the weight switch to Balenciaga I love to wear them too, great colors and leather and featherweight!
  15. i guess the paddington truly is impractical as an everyday, all the time bag unless you go to the gym on a regular basis. that's too bad cuz it is so gorgeous!