How do you deal with negative BOYFRIENDS/HUSBANDS?

  1. My BF officially declared that he doesn't want me to carry my LVs around him. He says he doesn't like the "image" it presents. Mind you, he bought me a LV, one of the more expensive ones (Manhattan GM). He knew I really wanted it, and he wanted to make me happy. But since then, his comments are taking that happiness away. Everytime we walk around shopping, he makes comments about how expensive my bag is. Or that I own the most expensive bag out of anyone he knows. Or that he wants to regulate LV purchases to one every 5 years!!! Since then, I've purchased on my own 5 LV bags. That makes it 6 LV bags in 6 months. He went through the roof, wondering why I need all these bags. Why I need a "white one" (MC), and a "shoulder one". So, he makes me feel bad/guilty everytime I wear it. And like I mentioned earlier, he has banned me wearing them around him, especially the "white one".

    Just wanted to vent. I knew you guys would understand. Anyone else deal with something like this? What has been your resolution (if there is one)? Oh well, I guess I'll just stare at them in my own apartment, and take my babies out on my own and enjoy my day!:yes:
  2. He sounds like he is way too self-conscious about this. And he doesn't have to carry the bags! People get so weird about "branding." Does he wear Nike shoes? Lucky jeans? Any recognizable brand names anywhere on his person?

    And what exactly is the "image" anyway? Unlike Nike or other mass-produced American brands, LV at least doesn't stand for cheap third-world labor. It stands for quality, quality, quality.

    Your BF should NOT be making you feel bad or guilty. He sounds really insecure and needs to get over himself.
  3. My husband doesn't understand my bag purchases either, but I remind him that I can do as I please with my money. I remind him that I take great care and put a lot of thought into what I buy. That these items promise to last for decades, that they hold their value unlike other items. That I LOVE them, and they make me feel nice. I remind him that he bought a $400 xbox that will be worth 1/4 of that in two years, so he can hush! :smile:
  4. Lol yeah my ex was stunned at the price of my speedy (thank god we aren't still together so he could find out the price of my recently acquired Malibu Street lol) but I think guys sometimes just don't get it.

    Don't take his comments to heart, he's probably just trying to tease you - you know guys - but do let him know if it's upsetting you - he needs to understand that it's a real interest of yours and that as your bf, he should respect that.

    BTW - Don't worry, my bf and I DIDN'T break-up over my bag obsession lol
  5. I would try to find out how serious he is about this and then think about what to do about this situation.
  6. BlueBunny - ***hugs*** wow... your bf got u a Manhattan GM??? that was really nice of him... i totally agree dont take what he says to heart... i just think he needs to understand your interests/hobbies a bit more.... I totally agree with what lv obsessed has said. ***hugs***
  7. Hm, you keep them in the long as possible, and hope they come around.
  8. Tell him if "momma ain't happy, than nobody is happy." If he loves you he will get over it. Ignore him, and carry your bag anyway with pride. My husband was a little like that after six years of dealing with my addiction, he just smiles now. Heck, I don't cheat on him unless you count the time I slept with my Lv, opps! Almost forgot, Tell him if you get to depressed about his behavior, you will have buy another purse.
  9. Wow! Well if you are really in love with this guy, then you have to consider you have to take the good with the bad. However, if he buys you a LV and then doesn't want you to carry it, he sounds a bit controlling, IMHO.
  10. my husband thinks im crazy but for some reason i know he wants to make me happy so he puts up with it. i am a big fan of the speedy. he actually bought me my first speedy mono years ago. i then added the 25 mono and damier 30 which he thinks all look alike. last night i wore my new red epi pochette and he actually commented on it. he really liked it and asked if it was gucci haha i said lv of course. i then asked if i can buy all the colors hahaha of course he says, NO WAY!
  11. I would ask him why he does something that is clearly hurtful to you.
  12. Sounds like you are going to have problems with this one. If he is showing his ass this early can only get worse! Dont put up with his ****! Your a grown women, you dont have to justify what you do or buy. Stay true and firm and dont waiver. Its better to flush this out before you get married and have kids!
    good luck :smile:
  13. ditto !

    :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. My PHH now just prefers that I don't involve him with my purse addiction. So we are on a don't ask, don't tell policy in our household. However, it makes things just a bit easier for me if after I make a big purchase, I spend my money on something for him or our family next, like a vacation. This seems to make it a little better for him. He personally can't stand LV and calls it pure evil. I wish he had a hobby so he could stop criticizing mine.
  15. what did I do? lol I dumped my ex a week later (and it was on Valentine's day! haha) lol

    Everyone has his/her own obsession(s)...perhaps it's collecting stamps, bags, shoes, watches, sports...etc...doesn't matter. I think your bf should be more understanding. It's not like once you carry yer LV bag, you suddenly change into another person. I say if you like bags, NO ONE should get in yer way. Yer bf can disapprove of them, but he SHOULD NOT ORDER YOU AROUND telling you how you should/shouldn't act in front of him! I mean...he's yer bf because he wants to be with YOU, so whether you have a 10$ bag or 1000+$ bag shouldn't make any difference or watsoever.