How Do You Deal With Jealousy?

  1. I have a wonderful boyfriend who really loves me and I know this, but every time he spends time with another girl or even talks to one, I get extremely jealous and can't stand it. Also, I know that boys like to masturbate even when they're in a relationship, but how do I deal with my feelings against him thinking about other girls sexually?
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  7. I think jealousy is okay to a certain extent. As long as its not interfering with your relationship, then its okay but its still something you might want to work on. When your jealousy pang comes on, just think of how much he loves you and you are just over-reacting in your mind.

    As for the masturbating issue.. how do you know he is thinking about other girls sexually when he masturbates? Its not anything you can really control.. guys do it all the time and its not really a big deal. Its all about self control really. Just keep positive about the relationship.
  8. Thank god we can't read our SO minds when they are having a private one on one.

    Just be thankful the fantasy of other girls he "may" be having are in his head, and not out of his pants.
  9. I don't waste my time with jealousy. I know my DH loves me and if he ever strays (which I am confident he won't) he gets kicked to the curb, plain and simple.
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  12. If it bothers you that much, talk to him about it. If there are certian girls that you know he more than friends with given the opportunity, then bring that up as well. He could just be a flirtatious person and not know it really. So talk to him about it and give him a chance to give his side of the story.
  13. Wow, harshness. These are legitimate questions, people! I'm guessing that Princesssparkle is on the younger side and these types of thoughts are not uncommon among her age group!

    Princess -- at least you recognize that your jealousy is an issue to be worked on. Kudos to you for that. First -- just accept that your boyfriend has a right to talk to anyone he wants as long as he's not trying to hurt anyone. Second -- accept that all men fantasize about other women at one time or another, even the ones who worship the ground their SOs walk on! Last -- work on your on self-esteem. Easier said than done, but over time you might become more secure in yourself as a woman and won't feel as threatened by your boyfriend's normal behaviors. Good luck!
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