How do you customise your Alexa to make it 'yours'?

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  1. You know how some people tie a scarf on their bag, or add a charm, or something? Or maybe a water spill stain on the leather that you've learnt to live with ...

    Do you customise your bag? If so, how?
  2. I must admit that I have not done anything to either of mine. One is pink leopard and the other is oak leopard. Tbh, the leopard bags are unique anyway as no two have exactly the same prints and I just love that about them! They both feel very individual to me, iykwim. Xx
  3. I've had keyrings on other bags like my Mitzy messenger and Maggie and Ant but I've never done anything with Alexa. I must feel that there is enough going on!
  4. I quite like the Alexa on its own, I feel that it is quite hard to customise it actually. There aren't really any bits you can hang a charm off!
  5. I have to agree, with the straps and the shoulder strap and the slouching of the bag, it would be overkill (to me) to add anything else!

    Its a beautiful bag that doesnt really need adorning. And this is coming from somebody who loves to accessorise ;)
  6. I don't customeze my alexa's either, think they look great the way they are.
  7. I just customize mine with a look that says 'check out my fabulousness with this awesome bag'!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lol! ITA!
  9. :lol:
  10. That is so true! Carrying my Alexa makes me feel good too! Even in a ratty old outfit - it definitely adds something.