HOW do you curl the hair at the back of your head???

  1. So I finally got a curling iron that's the right diameter for me and that can curl my straight, straight hair, but now the question is--how do I do the back of my head!??!?! I just cannot figure it out...I keep doing the sides and then just getting stumped/scared and putting some of my hair up to conceal the fact that I'm only half curled! :shame: Is there a trick to it?
    Please post helpful pictures if you can/are willing. Thank you so much!
  2. I separate threes sections of my hair: The top section (twist it up and secure with clip), middle section (twist it up and secure with clip), then I leave the back out and loose (no clip) and get to curling! Once I am finished with the back section I leave it down, but still clip it so the the straight middle section that I unloose next doesn't mix in with the back curled section. Clip the middle section when you have finished curling as well so the top straight doesn't mix in. That works perfectly for me.
  3. First, I blowdry my hair until it's probably 90% dry.

    My hair is pretty fine, so I only clip up the top section. I use my fingers to create a part about an inch above both ears - like putting on sunglasses. I run my fingers all the way around the back of my head, and pull up the hair that's above them. I clip that and curl what's left out. (I usually use one of those curling brush/dryer things - it gives a polished look and a little wave to the ends, without looking curled.) When I'm done with the bottom layer, I take out the clip, and leave my hair piled on top of my head. I section off the very back part of the top section, and run a brush through it - sometimes tease it a little - and then curl it backwards. Then I let it fall. Then I take the next back section, run the brush through it, curl, and let it fall. When I get to the hair around my face, I take smaller sections than I did for the ones in back, and curl those. I usually curl it all backward. Then when I get to the front section, I curl that toward my face. Don't brush afterwards. Then I use the blowdryer on cool and blast my hair all over. That locks in the curl and shine. Then I toss my hair (especially the top and front) with my fingers. When it's parted and shaped the way I want it, I run some aerosol spray through it, while still tossing it so it stays bouncy and loose. And I'm done. Whether I'm using my dryer brush or a curling iron, I don't brush my hair after it's curled. I let the cool blowdryer loosen up the curls. I know it sounds like a lot, but my hair takes me probably 10 minutes from wet to done.
  4. Upside down. I dry it straight then I go upside down and curl.
  5. Get someone to do it for you especially if your hair is shorter than 2" past shoulder length. The last time I tried curling the back hair myself I burnt my neck!
  6. I just kind of reach around and get as many pieces as I can... Sometimes it turns out a little crazy:upsidedown:
  7. take the curling iron and clamp the ends of your hair, with the very tips being held by the curling iron "hands" curl your way up to the desired length and hold. then release

    put a towel on your back neck if your dont have a good mirror. that way you can get as close as possible without touching your skin
  8. haha..I'd like to know too! I think I've been doing it the wrong way which probably explains why my curls are never even. I part my hair right down the middle, vertical, and bring it to the front of my shoulders. I then clip the top of my hair up and start curling away. it's the easiest way but like I said, my curls don't come out even.
  9. My hair is layered, but this is how I do it: After I blow dry, I part my hair in the middle (all the way down the back) and pull each side to the front (like I'm going to make pig tails). Then I clip and curl in sections-- from bottom to top (one side at a time). Once I've done both sides, I shape it with my fingers and spray hairspray.
  10. Thanks so much for all the advice, ladies! I think I just need to put in a lot of practice now to get over the fear of screwing up--and I'll definitely use your towel tip, Jahpson!