How do you cook your steak?

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  1. I’m wondering how ya’ll cook you’re steaks. I like broiling them with some seasoning but I’m getting tired of that. I want to try something new.
    What do you use to marinade or season?

  2. I marinate mine in Peter Luger sauce and cook on the George Foreman grill. Easy clean up and my apartment doesn't fill up with smoke like it would with a frying pan. Any barbecause sauce would work.
  3. thanks!
    I'll have to get one of those grills, I hear that their great with all meats.
  4. hmmm i guess i'm a bit of a purist. if the meat is good i don't like to take away from the taste of the meat by seasoning it too much. no sauces either.
    to me the best is a great entrecote cooked in a grill pan with some butter, salt and pepper. and i like my meat really rare.
    another way i like it is in the pan with a ton of thinly sliced onion. the onion gets nice and dark and caramelises and the meat is infused with the flavour of the onion.
  5. Outdoor gas grill? No smoke and they come out perfect. Gas grills are less than $150 and most are small enough for a small patio. You can also get flavored wood or charcoal to help flavor - I'm not a fan of marinades but the bf is.

    Good luck!! :smile:
  6. We only grill our steaks outside on our gas grill then season with just a little bit of salt. I guess we're just purists, too.:yes:
  7. You would be a purist if you had a charcoal grill ;)

    Marinated in ginger/garlic/soy sauce on a bbq.

    I leave regular tasting steaks for when I eat out.
  8. Salt and Pepper. Grilled over an open fire on hot grill by my DH. Medium rare.

    imho, the only way to eat steak.
  9. I fry in olive oil sometimes
  10. I like medium-rare-closer to rare, with sea salt and cracked black pepper as seasoning
  11. Usually I just add a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper. Then off to the pan it is, with a teeny bit of butter. And medium rare :drool:
  12. broil or use my thermadore griil on my range top. just salt, pepper, garlic salt and accent to season.. i use rib-eyes and cook them medium rare. darn! now i'm hungry! LOL...
  13. Outdoor grill, Philly rare.
    Baked potato, loaded.
    Markum merlot, lots.
  14. i grill my steak, add a little salt and sake!
    i'm a steak lover.
    i went to a restaurant that has honey roasted garlic steak. i don't know their recipe but would like to know if anyone knows.