How do you control your Coach habit?!?

  1. Okay I've relapsed into my shopaholicism after being good for one whole month and not buying anything major. I just caved in today and bought a black signature demi despite having the same exact demi in both pink and green. I also managed to buy a large Longchamp tote, a LV checkbook wallet, two pairs of Sevens, and I'm now thinking about buying another bag. Someone PLEASE talk some sense into me. I'm going to get disowned if I keep this up :crybaby:

    Share some tips about how you control the urge to buy!!! (There has to be a way to break the addiction!)
  2. I'm literally addicted to shopping. I get really depressed and mean, especially towards my boyfriend, if I don't get to shop. Even if I go to a grocery store to help him do his grocery shopping I cheer up. It's so pathetic.

    Right now I'm keeping my bag purchasing to a minimum. That's the only thing I spend oodles on at a time. Right now I'm practicing looking and not buying and I count on my friends to keep me from buying. Lol
  3. lol guilt and my love of money, i like security, and until the dough starts rolling in my guilt is a constant..nagging..obnoxious reminder lol. what bag are you planning to buy? maybe sell of some old ones for it?
  4. For me, I think of the bag I truly want (chanel lux bowler) and I need to save up to afford it right now. So it stops me from getting anything else so my funds can go towards that. So think of something you really want and not get anything else.
  5. For me the shopping starts whenever anything is unbalanced in my life. I think it gives me a sense of control and the endorphin rush of something new counteracts the stress hormones.
    If you're splurging because things you genuinely want or need are piling up at once, I think you should remind yourself that you need new jeans/new bag/new wallet/whatever and forgive yourself the spending.
    But if you're spending because you just want to spend, then you should analyze where you are right now, and see if something's not right.
    I'm nervous about buying a home (we closed last week, I move next weekend), which has resulted in about $1500 in unnecessary purchases. I can pay for them, but it's money that's better off saved. I'm trying to correct the stress in more constructive ways, but it's hard. BF isn't aware of how bad it is right now, if he was he'd be shipping me off to rehab, no joke.

    Good luck, girlfriend. :flowers:
  6. Yeah, buying a house is a good way to control your purse buying. ;) DH is great about letting me get a few new Coach purses once in a while (he just bought me 2 and knows that another 2-3 are coming in a few weeks...) but every now and then he lapses into the "Aren't we supposed to be saving for a house?" (Of course, I also reply with "Aren't you NOT supposed to be buying new laptops every month?")

    Other than that, I have no idea! Even if you stay away from malls and boutiques, there is still the internet to order from. It's just so hard to control! :upsidedown:
  7. No advice here. Unless Coach start making crap I will continue to buy as long as I have the $. It sucks but it's true. I have only used less than a handful bags from Coach and I own 30?
  8. LOL we're a forum full of addicts :lol: I feel slightly better knowing we're all in the same boat. Usually when school is in session I buy next to nothing bc I'm buried up to my ears in books and all I do is sleep, eat, and study. Needless to say my entire wardrobe consists of jeans, sandals, and sorority/frat shirts so Kezza definitely hit it home w/ the unbalanced thing :Push:

    Oh well even if I'm poor broke and living out on the streets, I can atleast not look like something the cat dragged in ;)

    Ooh btw here's the trick that kept me "sober" for a month: my credit card bill! :lol:
  9. I just paid off my credit card bill... ouch!
  10. A visual aid we could all use:

  11. I control my habit from purchasing mostly now from the outlets b/c I save a bundle. LOL But if I do see something in the catalogue that I have to have & I think it's going to sell out before it goes to outlets, there is no stopping me at that point.
  12. Yeah...that only helped me for the 2 months before and after my closing...then I was right back to the purse buying....
  13. Well, honestly, right now I have no money at all so it isn't taking much effort to control it :lol: .

    However, I realized a while ago that I'm a compulsive shopper and so now I'm making a real effort to not buy anything I don't need. I took my credit cards out of my wallet so that's helped, too. What really made me realize I had a problem was when I had a day free a while ago from school, DH and kid - normally I would've immediately gone to the mall and checked out everything at Coach and probably bought something I didn't need and couldn't really afford. It took a HUGE amount of willpower to not go. I was amazed at how badly I wanted to go and how much of a fight it was not to.

    Kezza - I totally agree with you that it's all about having balance. I really do shop for the endorphin rush and the thrill of it, and it's also a comfort thing. Now that I've realized that, I can look more objectively at stuff and ask, "Do I really need that or just want it?". Like you said, there's nothing wrong with buying something just because you want it, as long as it's not really a way to replace something else that's out of balance or missing in your life.

    All that being said, we'll see how I do next month when I start getting paid again and have some disposable income!
  14. As much as I love this forum, if you are addicted to shopping, this isn't the place to be. It's only an addiction if you can't pay for it.
  15. ^ LOL really?? I thought addiction was just if you HAD to do it..otherwise you go through withdrawal, depression, etc? I didn't think being able to pay had anything to do with it bc how can you buy stuff if you can't pay for it?