How do you control your BBAG addiction...

  1. I just got my 2 bals in last 2 months ,and i desperately want another in black ,preferably city ,but i just cant afford right now .
    how often do u get urs and how do u manage ??? do u save scrimp save .
    soooo desperate
    dont know if i have worded this post correctly ,hope u understand what i am trying to say .
    dont know whether to wait for the next season:sad: :crybaby:
  2. Hi umamanikam,

    I've gotten three bbags since June. My first (a black city) was a birthday present from my darling husband. For the other two (a first and a twiggy) I have just saved like mad -- everytime I have wanted to buy other things, I've just thought of my bbags and resisted the temptation. I think I need to give it a little break now (at least till Christmas) to build up the bank balance again.

    Hey, if you can't afford the black city now, at least Bal makes that style and colour every season, so you'll never miss out.
  3. thnx helen ,the money for the last bag i borrowed from my husband and he cant understand how i can spend that much for a bag that is in no way different from any other acc to him ,so this time i will really have to save ,my daughter has started a pirse fund and she has asked me to put money in that and poor thing she also contributes and she is only 13:angel:
  4. Your daughter is so sweet! It's so touching that she wants to help you get your bag. Good luck with the saving!
  5. I sell my other bags!:graucho:
  6. Yes i sell my other bags as well, and the i ask for one usually in myb-day or christmas:idea:
  7. yes me too :yes: . My husband used to be like yours. He couldn't understand how I was spending so much money in a bag but now he comes with me to the store to see the new season colors. By the way, he loves your rouge vifs b-bags girls. It's his favourite color at the moment....
  8. I acquired 6 since August..returned one...gave another to my daughter...bought an Ink on eBay...and now I think I'm gonna sell my Blueberry City (since I cant return it)....I need to stop the craziness now...before I go overboard.
  9. I've bought three since about May...but one of them hasn't arrived yet (SO excited), and I am selling one of them. The Anis Twiggy is a keeper though! :smile:
  10. oh this is too sweet!:love: :flowers: i'm a student so i don't have a big budget so i buy one bbag per season... although this season i want both a rouge vif and a blue india... i hope i can save money for both but i don't think it's too likely... well at least i can look at many luscious bbags at the PF!...:shame:
  11. o.k., I guess my story is the MOST BROKE!! I have NEVER bought a bag over $60. to get it; I WENT THRU HE... AND BACK!! I have spent $1800 on bag and wallet and trust me, IN MY WORLD THAT IS CRAZY!! I AM A RN case manager and my husband is a city employee, but I am 40 AND THIS IS WHAT I WANTED NO MATTER WHAT! How many do I have, ONE and ONE wallet and that's all I will have for a while. :graucho: :smile:
  12. thnx all of u ,i realize i am not alone in my wants
  13. I have to slowly... achingly slowly save for mine. I have a bag fund that I try to put $ away towards as often as I can, but sometimes I dip into it for concert tickets (my other obsession) and put myself back months... *hits head on keyboard*
  14. Julie, your story is great. Personally, I think it feels really good to work hard for something you really want, even if it means spending a painful amount of money. That being said, I think it's also great when loved ones care enough about you to reinforce your Bbag obsession.

    I just bought my first Bbag a week ago - the camel part time I can't stop talking about and I'm still in love with. But I blame this forum for making me want then next one immediately!! How weird, a lot of us go from zero to 10 in such a short period of time.
  15. I got my first B-bag this Feb (which I kept) and 2 more B-bags afterwards (which I got bored of and ended up selling). I just ordered a rouge vif City which I intend to keep forever but I had to sell 4 of my old bags to fund this purchase. So it's all about saving and recycling your old bags for me. Brand new B-bags are just too expensive for me to drop the cash w/o trying to sell off some of my old stuff to ease my guilt. :angel: