How do you contact one of your bidders?

  1. Did eBay get rid of the "contact member" button? I tried to contact my current high bidder and was told I couldn't do it. I currently have an auction that jumped from $99 to $475. The high bidder has zero feedback and just registered their eBay account in December. I am worried that someone is trying to mess with my auction so I wanted to contact the high bidder to make sure they are legit. Are we not allow to do this now? Did eBay changed their policy somehow? :confused1:
  2. I dont think you can until they have won an auction.
  3. I'm puzzled as to why you can't contact your bidder. I have a bidder with zero feedback that registered on Jan. 3, 2008 and I'm able to contact them by clicking on their name or their feedback profile and clicking "Contact Member". Let me know if this works for you.
  4. Also, In the listing page once you are signed in, click on the bids numbers, then they'll be an option that says "show email addresses" if the auction is still active it will give you all of them if its ended it will show the email of the winning bidder. Hope this help.
  5. Also check if the bids are between 2 similar accounts. Not sure how this works but is something like this. I know there's a scam where the same person uses 2 different accounts to keep bidding high and then when the auction is almost over they cancel all their bids in one account so the price go all the way down again and they have a chance to get the item at a bargain.
  6. Hmmm... I'm not seeing this. Is this in Bid History in the active auction? I don't see anything that says "Show Email Addresses."
  7. Yes, I always do this on my auctions, last one was in December. Of course the listing have to be yours in order to see them. The option is righ before the bidders list.
  8. I just checked one of my ended auctions and instead of giving me her full email gave me the option of "Contact member" not sure if they changed it or is because the listing ende more than a month ago. But the "show email addresses" option is still there
  9. I only see the Show Email Addresses option on my ended auctions, not my active ones.