How do you collect your LVs?

  1. Hi all
    Silly question but what certain things do you consider when building your LV collection? Do you stick to 1 style and have everything match (all mono, all damier, etc.) or do you mix it up? If its the latter, does it bother you to use non matching items, like a bronze vernis wallet with a MC bag?...:confused1:
    I ask because I already have 2 Damier pieces and am wondering what to collect next...
  2. I personally like to have a piece from every line. And then just mix and match the purses and wallets.
  3. Mixitup... I love mix and matching vernis with mono, etc etc... ie:
    Framboise and mono cles 2.jpg
  4. ^ agh, i love that color!
  5. i just wait to see what catches my eye! i usually lean towards lusting after collections that are not standard monogram or damier.
  6. Pomme would be fabulous with your damier!!!
  7. heehee, i may stop by the boutique to check that out later then :smile:
  8. I like to buy matching pieces. All my handbags have either matching wallets or accessories.
  9. I collect based on what fits my needs and I don't like a lot of vachetta it's so pretty but hard to deal with, I won't buy a bag with a vachetta bottom, too much piping, or large vachetta detail, handles and minimal piping are my limit pretty much.....I also like to be well rounded in color, pattern, size and type/use. I do like to collect cles and pochettes so those categories I will allow myself to buy multiples of.
  10. I love a variety and try to mix it up. I like buying pieces that are cute and unique. A lot of the pieces I own are MC, but I have a piece or two from several other lines.
  11. I love variety and don't mind to mix and match..
  12. I collect different types of bags but they have to be large enough to hold my wallet, agenda, make up bag, cles etc- I don't match my wallet etc to my bag- to lazy. :smile:
  13. Mix and Match! I try to get the best color and style of each line, so i don't have doubles, unless it's Cles. I love Pomme/Rouge cles as charm on my Azur speedy, w/the right color combo, it really makes your LV look special!
  14. I just buy what I like. I have more Monogram Canvas pieces at the moment.
  15. I like collecting Inclusions and cles :smile: