How do you clean....

  1. Hiya.. Just got a pink Ugg Suede sheepskin purse.. SOOO CUTE btw... anyways.. it was from a friend.. we traded.. and it had gotten a sticker stuck on it at some point.. well the sticker residue is still there.. and the bag itself could use a little cleaning anyways.. so how the heck do i clean it?? ive been told so many different stories.. i figure you ladies have the REAL answer!!! THanks!!
  2. If you are near a Coach store, they have a wonderful suede cleaning tool, like a hard eraser kind of thing - I had the 'kit' when I had a suede Coach handbag and it worked wonders!
  3. This is what I was wondering's a very hard thing to do (hence why I don't own suede), but I've heard of some kits with those erasers that work wonders! :yes:
  4. UGG also makes cleaning products specifically meant for their sheepskin items. Probably a safer bet than the Coach cleaner (which is wonderful on "finished" leathers!) in this case, since sheepskin is very different from cowhide.
    I will warn you: wet sheepskin stinks! But the Ugg cleaner works really well.