How do YOU clean your white b-bag?

  1. I have heard a myriad of crazy stories and methods for cleaning the white bags... I GUESS since there isn't a huge concern about color fading, people can use cleaners that are a bit more harsh? :shrugs:

    I want a white bag, but am REALLY worried about keeping it clean, so I would like to know all your secret squirrelly ways to keep them clean... (Besides never wearing them):lol:
  2. I sprayed mine with AG when I first got it. I've been using it all summer with no problems. It looks as good as new.
  3. What about cleaning it? I have heard people use toothpaste???
  4. Please do forget toothpaste!
  5. I know, isn't that crazy considering how abrasive it is??? I guess I will stick with the Apple conditioner to clean it(when I get this mystery bag, that is)...
  6. I've heard other members saying they use baby wipes. I've never tried it though.
  7. I have had wonderful results with Coach Leather Cleaner on my Sky Blue Twiggy. I had no dye transfer to the cloth. ***I would test on a small area first though.***

    I wish you well,

  8. I sprayed mine with Vectra when I first got it and has held up so amazingly well. I got very minor spots on the bottom and used AG cleaner on it and it came right off. You're right about the color not fading or coming off with cleaners which is a good thing. The spray also keeps dirt and oils from sinking in so the dirt comes off so easily. I looove my white!:love: