How do you clean your wallet?

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  1. Sorry if there is another thread on this but I did a quick search and nothing came up. My lovely pink signature is looking kind of gross so I figure its time to spruce her up. Do I really need to go buy the coach cleaner or is there something else I can use? Thanks:smile:
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    You can try surface cleaning it with a mild soap and water, like Ivory or Dawn dish soap or Woolite laundry soap.

    I have successfully given a bath to several coach wallets, mostly leather wallets but also a black/black sig wallet, but it wasn't seriously soiled.

    Could you post pics of your pink sig in the Coach Rescue and Rehab thread? So that the rehabbers can get a look at it and advise you, link below.

    After you get it clean you should consider spraying it with something like Apple Rain Garde to give it a little protection.

    I once gave a bath to a fabric and leather Michael Kors logo wallet and it came out fine, see link below:
  3. You can use a mild all-purpose spray cleaner as long as it doesn't contain bleach. It works fine on Coach jacquard. Just spray and then scrub gently with a cloth.
  4. Thanks. I think I will try a mild cleaner and if it doesn't work out I'll post something the coach rescue thread. I love this wallet and would be sad to replace it.
  5. I had a few dirty spots on my sig wallet and I just use soap or body wash and an old tooth brush and water and it always comes out looking brand new again :smile: