How do you clean your patent leather??

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  1. Both shoes and bags, I have several, what do you use to keep it at its best? Is there a special "patent leather cleaner"? I'd love to know where to get it. TIA
  2. Depends if it's a scuff, snag, stain, etc. Luckily patent wipes clean for surface stains and dirt but if it's a snag that's broken the surface (so to speak) I'd take it to a shoe repair place.
  3. I have a couple of silver/grey patent Louis Vuiton Vernis bags. Because the color is so light I send them to our local leather place to be cleaned, as I'm afraid I'll mess them up if I do it myself. I also have a Maxx New York wine colored patent bag that I've used a lot and it shows very little wear. I just wipe it down with a soft cloth with a little mild cleanser on it if it's dirty.
  4. I think you can clean patent leather with a soapy piece of soft cloth, but with no excess water. If the leather gets scratched get the bag or shoe to a shoe repair shop, and maintain the shine of patent leather with a silicon based spray/ or wipes like balihai88 mentions.
  5. I have a red patent tote that I use as an everyday bag for my papers and books. I usually just wipe it down every so often and rub on the scuffs and they come right off. I didn't know that there were special ways to clean it! :sweatdrop:
  6. There is a product for patent shoes that works really well for getting fingerprints and smudges off ... leaves a nice shine and conditions the patent leather, too.
    It's a Tana brand - Patent Care
    It's a spray ... a bit foamy when you spray it on the patent ... then just wipe off with a clean, soft cloth.
  7. I have a light colored patent bag with color transfer on the back. Is ther anything I can do about that?
  8. Take your bag to a cleaner's that know how to treat and clean leather.
  9. This is a brand new bag - in perfect condition - I'd just like to maintain it properly. I also have 2 or 3 pairs of patent shoes and another bag that could all use periodic attention. Thanks for your ideas ladies!
  10. Suzy, I was told to use distilled white vinegar on a white cloth and wipe, then dry, I did try it on 2 of my patents and all smudges, etc., disappeared.....if you want to try it first on a bottom corner, but it worked great for me.:heart:H
  11. I received this from Erotokritos..

    EROTOKRITOS Showroom
    109 Boulevard Beaumarchais
    75003 Paris

    I had purchased a black patent Erotokritos Basquet that arrived with a film covering it . This obviously needed to be removed in order to sell the bag which didn't appeal to me. The cleaner worked great but after 3 eBay listings, the bag never sold! I would NEVER have thought to use glass cleaner on a handbag.
  12. Thanks so much everyone!! Sooo informative!! anyone with patent leather should read this post - My new Marni Balloon bag, which I am just crazy over will be the primary beneficiary of this info.
  13. Thanks for that info! I'll try that!
  14. Hate to admit it, but I use Pledge furniture polish.
  15. The following quote from Erotokritos is a joke when dealing with smudges on pale patent leather bags: "A lightly humid cloth is usually enough. A delicate glass cleaner can be convenient too." Coach sales people say the same thing.