How do you clean your LV dust bag?

  1. Please give me answers ..:confused1: Can it be washed by hand and using a soft detergent like what we use to wash baby clothers...or it needs dry-cleaning?

  2. Good question...I'll have to see what the others say...I'm curious
  3. i washed the dustbag for my wapity in the machine - it came to me on the dingy side ... in a lingerie bag ... in the regular wash cycle.
    ... didn't mean to put it in the dryer, but my husband was being helpful, so it got thrown in with the rest of the towels ... ironed it afterwards ... it looks fine, thankfully.
    ... not sure i'd completely recommend this way of cleaning, though.
  4. I would say it depends on which fabric LV sleeper you are speaking of, the current ones? If so, I have handwashed in Woolite laid flat to dry and then pressed. It does not seem as strong afterwards, like perhaps it weakened it a little. Like buying a new cotton shirt and then after you wash it it softens. If you decide to do this yourself, be sure you do not place the iron directly over the Louis Vuitton wording, you need a white cotton towel between the sleeper and the iron. Oh yes, make sure no matter how you wash it (by hand or machine) that you use only cold water, so it does not shrink!
  5. Are you kidding. You mean the LV dustbags also need lots of care and maintainence.

    Sorry if I didn't mean to offend anyone, but I'm too suprised.

    FYI, I did washed a dustbag once coz it got dirty with a soft fabric cleanser. Soak it for about an hour, then normal rinsing. I dried it in my bathroom rail, and it turns out fine. No ironing needed.;)
  6. Thank alls for your replies :heart: I will try to wash by hand :yahoo:
  7. great ideas
  8. i put it in a delicates bag and washed it, then dried it over a hanger
  9. Did you wash your dustbag? I know this is an old thread but I have a stain on mine and I am thinking about washing it. Thanks
  10. It's a piece of coton - washing machine will be fine
  11. Thanks for the reply... I figured as much but so many people were telling me not to wash it because it did something to the material and it made me nervous.
  12. I was by hand, using the liquid detergent used for wool, then it is fine ♬
  13. I buy used ones off eBay all the time and I ALWAYS wash them before I use them! I have front loaders so I just throw them in (I've washed both folding ones and drawstring ones) but when there done I take them out and lay flat to dry and they get pretty wrinkled so I try to smooth it out real good while it's still damp. After a few hours it's dry and I always iron them afterwards just like I would anything else! There cotton so it doesn't hurt them at all! :smile:
  14. I've washed mine before and had zero problems, I don't dry them in dryer only because I don't want them to shrink but I iton them too and there all fine! :smile: no harm
  15. Oh and I've even gotten some for good prices with minor stains or marks on them that I literally soray some shout on and throw them in the wash and...viola! Lol there perfectly fine and stain free I might add! Lol