How do you clean your gloves?

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  1. I'll start by saying, I'm not really a germaphobe but I'm not trying to get the flu either....

    I usually buy several pairs of relatively inexpensive gloves in the same color every few years or so. They're interchangeable and if I lose one, it's really no big deal. I can just replace the missing one with a glove from one of my spares.

    This year, I bought a pair of cashmere lined leather gloves from the FOS and I love them. I got a great deal and I really like them but I don't know how to clean them. Here's the thing. I wash my hands or use hand sanitizer whenever I come in from a public place. I can't do either to the gloves because I can't wash leather and I surely cannot put hand sanitzer on it.

    What do you ladies do, especially those of you who use public transportation?
  2. You can use non-bleach lysol wipes, available at the supermarket, to clean the gloves and then moisturize with a good leather conditioner.

    I buy Lexol leather cleaner (orange label) and conditioner (brown label) but I get the Quick-wipes not the spray because the wipes are so convenient. I get them at a local tack shop but they are also available online, see link below.

    I don't just use them for gloves, I use them to clean and condition seasonal bags before putting the bags away in storage until the next season.

    I also used to buy inexpensive gloves until I bought my first cashmere-lined leather coach gloves, now they are all that I wear! They are so warm and comfortable, but you do need to clean and condition them periodically.
  3. Thanks Kate. Do you clean the inside in any way? I've been trying to only put clean hands inside to keep the germs out.
  4. I haven't tried cleaning the insides yet but maybe someone will have a suggestion?