how do you clean your epilators?

  1. i have the Braun silk epil and it seems that its not working like it used to and its probably because its a little dirty, i've washed it and everything but how does everone clean theirs? i basically have to get tweezers and pull out the hairs that are stuck in between the cracks or that didn't wash off. Do you buy replacements?
  2. sorry for the stupid question, but what is an epilator?

  3. I've never noticed that problem I usually just use the brush and blow or you could try a hairdryer to blast them out

  4. it's like a shaver but it pulls the hairs out rather than cutting them
  5. usually the brush works fine for me, but I would try one of those air cans. I guess a blowdryer would have the exact same effect, the cans usually just have more pressure.
  6. I use the little brush that comes with my Braun epilator, and when cleaning I rotate the epilator head manually so I can get in between the blades (they open and close as you're using the epilator as that's how they pull out the hairs)

    If yours didn't come with a brush or you've lost it, you could try an old toothbrush or just buy a cheap one and use it for cleaning.
  7. Sorry to butt in, but how much does an epilator hurt? More than waxing? Does it last long? Xx
  8. Ditto.
    I also rub the epilator head with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball
  9. Epilating lasts as long as waxing, as they both involve pulling hairs out by the root so I think that's around six weeks for regrowth.

    As for how much it hurts it's different for everyone :p but the more you epilate (same goes for waxing) the less it hurts because you become used to it. Some epilators come with massager heads and/or ice packs for reduced ouch factor, make sure you look for one of these if you've never used an epilator before.

    I used to wax before I bought my epilator, and whereas the pain caused by removing wax strips is sharp and quick, with an epilator it's like getting one of your arm hairs trapped in your watch strap. If you try pulling hairs out with tweezers then imagine loads of that happening at the same time that's pretty much what an epilator does :yes:
  10. I use canned air. The same I use for cleaning my computer.
  11. Canned air works well, I also use an old toothbrush every once in awhile, but every time I clean it I just run it under super hot water and it "melts" away everything and tends to get rid of all of the left over hair
  12. I use the little brush 99% of the time and it's good enough if you rotate the head manually like choccypie said. I wipe it with alcohol once in while.

    There's also this little spray you can buy, I don't remember what it's called cuz I used it twice in all the years I've had my epilator. I bought it with the epilator. Basically you turn the epilator on and aim the spray at the rotating head and whatever's stuck comes right out. It's unnecessary for me but maybe it'll be useful for you.
  13. Hello, I am new to the forums and I am hoping you have some good advice about hair epilator. I am so tired of shaving and waxing. Which one is the best, which one would it be advisable for me to buy? Can anybody help?

  14. I use Emjoi & the main reason is when I purchased it from QVC they have
    a policy.. love it or return it.. & I do love it!!

    I also use the Emjoi pedicure roller for my feet
  15. Honestly, most epilators are pretty much the same in terms of performance in my experience. I've tried epilators from Braun, Philips and Emjoi. I currently have a Philips one with a light which is a great feature (I forget the model number, sorry).