How do you clean your denim bag?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a Denim Baggy PM in Fuschia and I love it! However, I am so paranoid :wacko: that it will get dirty and I wouldn't know how to clean it. If you get a stain on your bag and you can't get rid of it, can you send it to LV for them to clean it?

    Thanks guys!!!

  2. I imagine that it could be cleaned somewhere. I'd inquire at LV. I have 3 denim bags and haven't got a stain yet that didn't come off....including a small spaghetti sauce stain. It is very durable. I don't baby my bags...I use them. I think you'll find that the denim wears very well.
  3. I have 6 denim bags with no problems. I clean all my bags with baby wipes. I am not sure if LV has a cleaning service.
  4. That's so reassuring to hear. It was my worry too. I dropped mine this morning in the parking lot at work and panicked, you betcha!

    So, any kind of baby wipes will do?
  5. I think the denim is treated? At least that's what I thought I read in the care booklet. Hope it makes cleaning it easier......I'm just worried about getting caught with my fuschia baggy in the rain.....