How do you clean your Coach purse?

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  1. So I have this HAMPTONS WEEKEND SCRIBBLE HOBO that's tan. I love the purse but I refuse to use it because I got it dirty:sad:
    I was wondering how you all clean your fabric COACH purses? Should I buy the fabric Coach cleaner? Should I just use a clothe or some kind of brush?
    Just looking for some ideas THANKS
  2. The Coach fabric cleaner is awesome, that's what I recommend, and a soft brush!
  3. the Coach FAQ has a nice section about cleaning your bags!

    but, yes do invest the $10 in the fabric cleaner, get some mild soap, and soft cloths to clean.
  4. Cool thanks.
    I will once again be able to use my favorite purse!
  5. i don't. but i should. crap. thanks for the reminder.