How Do You Clean Your Canvas Bags?


Nov 13, 2006
The other day I started using my green canvas Marc Jacobs bag. It's great for summer. I tend to use it during the summer months, and rotate with a couple of other bags. The MJ bag is a couple of years old. Since it has leather trim and handles I'm reluctant to immerse it in water. It's a brilliant bag, but there will come a stage when I need to clean it. I checked on the Internet and got 2 conflicting bits of advice: spot clean, but do not immerse, and handwash the whole thing with mild detergent. I'm going for the spot-clean suggestion so far. What works best for YOUR canvas bags?


Jul 19, 2007
I put mine in the washer - have not had any problems with the leather...but the ones I have are not super pricy - I'd hesitate with a more expensive one...I hate to spot clean because it leaves marks/rings where you clean, so I'd probably hadnwash the whole thing.