How do you clean your bags?

  1. How do you clean dirt off leather straps or off fabric? Do you do this by hand with a certain product (what?) or do you have them drycleaned?

    Or do you just buy a new purse, lol
  2. While you're asking that question, i want to add one. Does anyone have any tips on cleaning nylon bags?
  3. Leather straps - I use a clean cloth and wipe it down with Apple Leather Care
  4. Chamois cloth for leather, specialist cleaning for suede (not that I have any suede bags now) and a damp cloth for fabric, sometimes even a gentle go in the washing machine depending on the material. So far, so good!
  5. I posted a cheap and unexpected tip a while ago. Foohy Pink Pet Erasers. They are not like normal pencil erasers. They dont smudge and they barely crumb up after use. They even feel different. N E hoo I use them on my leather bags (white Italian pebble grain leather bags at that) and it erases the marks right off! Sound silly but they work and I havent and wouldnt use any thing else. I bought them for my daughter and notice how well they worked on her homework and started trying them out on just about everything. Call me crazy but hey they really work.
    leather cleaner.jpg
  6. This is one of the bags I clean with Foohy. Seriously do you really think I'd risk damaging this leather if these erasers didnt work.
    My new Shalon 360 003.JPG My new Shalon 360 002.JPG