How do you clean the INSIDE of your bag?

  1. i know there are a lot of threads on how to maintain the leather of your bag but how do you girls take care of the inside?

    I just bought a MJ multipocket that said "show signs of wear" when its FAR from that and i was wondering how to turn this bad situation in to a decent one.

    i attached a few pictures of the inside of my bag. its supposed to be a light pink suede lining. so which products do you guys recommend? i know you're not supposed to mix products like Coach cleaners with MJ bags, etc so please help me out! :biggrin:
    IMG_2892.JPG IMG_2898.JPG IMG_2899.JPG IMG_2909.JPG
  2. I have used Apple Suede Cleaner to clean the inside. It has definitely worked wonders, but won't make it look like it's 100% new. If you want it to look like new again, I would recommend taking it to a professional to get it cleaned. Good luck!
  3. suede is tricky. prevention in the first place is key, but if you cant prevent stains, or get a bag with a careless previous owner or a victim of a suicidal BIC pen, then i'd try suede cleaner. i haven't actually had much luck with the stuff on stains to be honest. surface dirt, it works great. but professional cleaning would probably your best bet.

    i'd email the seller in regards to a discount too, if this was an eBay purchase. get a 10-20% refund to pay for the cleaners.
  4. where can you get apple suede cleaner? i googled it but the prices vary a lot so i don't know if there are other versions... or.. idk lol
  5. would you happen to know how much it costs to get it down by a professional? like the average cost.. =)
  6. I purchased mine on eBay.

    As for a professional, I would estimate anywhere from $40-$100. I had a handbag interior cleaned for about $40, but it was twill lining. Try Avelle's Handbag Restoration service. They did a great job with my interior lining.
  7. I have a non-brand suede cleaner that I picked up at CVS and it worked pretty well on my suede.. I haven't tried it on tougher stains though, but it's worth a try while you're waiting for the Apple Garde.
  8. ohh i'm going there tonight. by non-brand, do you mean a no-name brand or a CVS brand? if its a no-name brand, what is it called? and how much was it? TIA! :yahoo:
  9. ^ I don't remember.. it was whatever they had in store. It might have been a CVS brand or maybe something else like Kiwi. It looks like a white eraser and it had a separate small brush as well.
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  10. Honestly, I don't think you're going to have much luck getting some of those stains out yourself. :sad: Especially the makeup stains and ink stains. I agree with june, though -- if I received a bag in that condition when it wasn't described accurately, I'd return it ASAP. If you're in love with it, though, I'd ask for a partial refund to pay for a professional cleaning.
  11. I think you're going to need professional cleaning. So the question is considering what you paid for the bag and how much you love it, it it worth throwing another $50-100 at it for cleaning?
    I don't have experience with eBay but if you can get the seller to give you some money back, that would help.
    I wouldn't feel happy with a bag that someone else had gotten so dirty on the inside.
  12. ^ She paid $100 for it... might be worth restoring since bright blue is a relatively htf color I think, and if she really likes it. otherwise, I think another MP can be found in better condition for the same price of this+restoration.
  13. jeez, what the hell did the original owner DO? i'm amazed that she got the interior so dirty; wow...i would definetly take it to be professionally cleaned. good luck, i really hope the stains come out!
  14. I just wanted to add that for general upkeep, before I store my bags and wallets - (especially the suede lined), I vacuum the lining/pockets with the tiny upholstery/.crevice attachment.
  15. i'd definitely send it for professional cleaning.

    would you have purchased the bag if you knew the condition of the interior? if not, i'd ask the seller for a $10-$20 refund to help pay for cleaning (since the condition was not provided) or return it. I'm not one to be super picky about spotless interior (when i buy used bags anyway) but that is really extreme :sad: