How do you clean the Girly line?

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  1. Can you dry clean it?
  2. I have the pink boston bag (it's treated canvas though, so may be different from the girly collection) and cleaned it with water and very mild soap (only on the edges) and seemed to work well. You can always take it to a Dior boutique and they will send it to NYC to have it cleaned. Don't know about the cost though. YSL charges ~$150 for cleaning their bags.
  3. i got Dior Girly rectangular pochette, i used it so often and it got really dirty + flowers curves are ruined *cry* ... its kept in my closet, i never use it anymore ...

    bubble .. thaaaaaanks 4 the tip :smile:
  4. I have the Dior Girly Boston Bag and I washed the whole thing :wtf: with water and wool wash LOL :roflmfao: ...I just cant stand dirt....and now the white zip area is stained orange here and there...Im not sure if its reaction from the metal zip or is there cardboard inside the bag to keep its shape? that bleed??? lol do they replace zips????
  5. oh my god. can we see what it looks like?
  6. i just use a little bit of soap and water...but only like a white bar ivory. and its worked amazing for me, mine is still pretty perfect...i have the girly boston bag
  7. erm sure :yes: ...i'll try to figure out how to post pics on the forum this weekend :Push:
  8. i should think it's possible to dry clean it. i rang up dior to asking about cleaning options for my trotter romantique (coated canvas) and they pointed me in the direction of a pretty good dry cleaners who did a brilliant job. so i'd say ring dior up and ask them about it. i don't know the exact price i paid for drycleaning it (since my mom helped me sort it out) but it's nothing remotely expensive at all.
  9. pics upload attempt~ hope it works!
    P1000328.jpg P1000329.jpg P1000330.jpg
  10. wow, it looks clean beside the orange stains. Hum... that is strange to see. Have you try to ask the store?
  11. yikes!! sorry to see the stains.

    i have one from the girly line, but am too scared to even attempt to clean it....although i have barely used it so it doesn't eally need cleaning.

    i do know i will never again buy uncoated canvas!
  12. yah i did happen to go in last night but of course didnt have the bag wif me...will have to bring it in next trip. the SA said they'll send it away to see IF they can repair it and then quote a price. will let u know wat happens :yes:
  13. ! it looks like some production defect on their side that's starting to show over the years. i think it was in another thread where another PFer was saying there was just 1 specific area on her vintage flowers saddle bag that just yellowed overtime and it was a well-known (?) defect on dior's side. i'd say to take it to dior and see if there's anything they can do about it. i sure hope they don't quote some ridiculous price for cleaning it.
  14. I actually had to use bleach on mine ... yes stupid i know ... but I couldn't think of anything better ...

    I was trying to clean a spot with a brush, because the bristles were black, and the brush was cheap, the brush actually stained the canvas blue ... so ... i used bleach.

    Does anyone else have a better method???

    :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  15. Hey girls, just wondering if dove and water can get rid of these two stains on my girly bag.