How do you clean retro camel leather?


bag whore
Jun 5, 2007
I have a couple of Coach signature bags and wallets that are trimmed with retro camel leather. After a year of usage, the leather had darken and developed dark brown cracks in it. I own a couple of vachetta leather trim bags also made by Coach but it only turned a nice honey color in time. I thought the camel leather would do the same thing but instead i get this dark brown color and ugly cracks... loooks so nasty. How would i go about cleaning it? is there a way to get it back to it's original pale camel color?
Please help me!
Thanks in advance!


Dec 4, 2006
Please do advise to the style of the bag. Can you post pictures so we can see how it looks? Leatherstuff makes a great cleaner/conditioner combination. I have used the conditioner and the cleaner on my Ergo Vachetta tote No. 11011 and got most of the denim transfer out. My bag looks beautiful.
By the way, my vachetta is a beautiful Honey color.
Here is the link.

BTW, You should condition all your new leather bags with the Leatherstuff conditioner before using, it helps to protect the bag. If you condition it and get a stain on it, it will aid in the removing of the stain in most instances.