How do you clean out the glue on CL red sole?

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  1. Help please....

    I got the CL shoes and I love it! However, the store put the sticker on the red sole. When I pull them off, there are glue remaining on the sole.

    Do you know how to remove the glue? I'm thinking nail polish but I'm afraid the red color will come out as well... :push:

    Thank you for letting me know.... :idea:
  2. I wouldn't bother. As soon as you walk on a rough surface you will scuff the soles. It's red painted leather so naturally the leather soles scuff. The beautiful red under the heel will remain though so you still get that sexy peep of red!
    If you really want to get it off, I would suggest an oil based product and gently coax the glue off with a fingernail. Good luck!

  3. This may sound strange, but I have used this trick many times and it works::okay:

    Put some creamy peanut butter on a paper towel and rub it into the glue using a circular rubbing motion.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't bother either. As soon as you wear them outside, the red soles will get scuffed. Or if you take them to a cobbler to get the protective rubber soles added, then that part is also covered. Unless you don't intend on wearing that pair, the red on the front of the outer sole is bound to diminish over time. And a lot of my Louboutin shoes (whether from dept. stores or the boutique) have come with stickers stuck on the bottom (or some sign of a sticker previously stuck on there and then removed).....doesn't bother me.
  5. goo be gone would work
  6. Thank you girls.... This is what I decide to do.... I think it should keep me from slipping and help keeping the sole to be red. :p

    Thank you very much!
  7. ^^ i do that too works great
  8. What did you put on them????
  9. btw u did such a good job on the sole stoperz mine always look so bad
  10. I put sole stopperz on mine, too. In the future, though, rubbing alcohol works perfectly well with an old rag to get the sticker gunk off. Probably a little neater than some other methods, too. I definitely would not try nail polish remover.
  11. try using a thick piece of tape and just using a waxing motion and pulling it off. although i have no clue how sticky that glue is on the back of the sole
  12. I cut 3 foot petals and align them together.... You can start from the edge. It doesn't have to stick it in the middle. Hope this helps... :heart:
  13. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..........duh! I never thought about that!!! Good idea!!
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