How do you clean Legacy Lining?

  1. I KNOW theres info here somewhere but I've just tried many searches and nothing. In my previous post I said I just got a used Whiskey Ali. Anyways there's dirt on the inside flap, it actually almost looks like a shoe print!!! Anyways it just looks like dirt and surely theres a way to clean it! The white stripes especially look icky. Can it be cleaned? Help! Thanks girls!
  2. do not use shout wipes or anything with water, it leaves a big watermark stain
  3. I've used baby wipes on my legacy stripe wristlet and they've worked well. I assume that the lining is similar material. Just be careful not to soak it through.
  4. I have the same question. I got an Ali off of eBay too, and it had the same light footprint looking dirt on the lining on the flap of the purse. I tried getting it off with woolite and water, but it didn't totally take it off, but it didn't hurt it either. It almost looks like it is a weaving under the lining... hmmmm Any suggestions? :smile:
  5. defin. baby wipes i have the pink wristlet even a pen mark i had came out. but be careful treat it like a baby!
  6. I used baby wipes dipped in baby detergent to clean the legacy lining of my Ali and it looks like new!
  7. I used a washcloth with woolite on it, then blow dried on low so there wouldnt be a watermark
  8. I used the Signature Fabric Cleaner on the signature lining inside the coin part of my framed french purse and it worked wonderfully. It was filthy from having coins in it and the Signature Fabric Cleaner took it right off and didn't leave any rings or marks. I put the cleaner on a damp washcloth and I actually scrubbed on the fabric.
  9. Wow wonderful! I went to my basement and dipped a baby wipe in my detergant and rubbed the stain then rubbed again with a regular baby wipe and it all came off! I'm impressed! =D
  10. ^^ YAY!!!!
  11. Fantastic! I'm glad you got it cleaned up and I am definitely keeping this tip in mind for future cleaning of my Ali's lining.
  12. what kind of detergent was it? I'm so glad it worked!!
  13. I have heard them say the tide pen which I plan on using on my legacy stripes if needed
  14. I know, I know, I'm bumping up a thread from over a year ago...but there's a good reason. I just got my first bag with Legacy lining, and with all the lucky tpf members out there that have purchased Lily's, Gigi's, Ali's, Leigh's, etc. I thought you would find this extremely helpful.

    I had my brand new Ali outside on a lawn swing because I was taking pics of her. I had noticed a small swarm of gnats earlier. One must have landed on the lining of the flap and I probably went to close the flap and the little guy got squished. Well, of course of all the Legacy stripe colors, the gnat smear was on the cream stripe! I know, gross. So I found this old thread, used a baby wipe, and the dark brown stain came out of the cream stripe!

    I've not used a Tide To Go pen yet and I've read that works really well.

    Any Legacy lining owners out there that have updated cleaning suggestions since this thread was created in 2007??
  15. Wow, thanks for bumping this thread up! I don't have any lining that is dirty now, but it's bound to happen some day!