how do you clean gold mesh?

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  1. I have this vintage gold mesh handbag I bought secondhand, just one of those impulse purchases, but I found when I got it home that it smelled a bit of smoke, had this weird pinkdust in it, and that the gold mesh was actually pretty grimey. I can't return it, but was wondering: do I give it to the drycleaner to clean? Is there some way to clean it at home?

    Thanks in advance for any help people can give.
  2. this is an old post.

    bumping it up as i just bought a furla bag with gold mesh handle, just wondering how dso i revive the gold shine when the colour starts to fade or tarnish?

    thanks :smile:
  3. There are two types of "gold" hardware, one is the solid brass which is easy to bring back shine, the other one is plated with a thin layer of "gold" and the underlaying color shines through when the thin layer starts to wear away. Real gold plated chandeliers etc gets darker with time and should only be cleaned gently in water/washing-up liquid. No rubbing with brass cleaner because more of the thin layer will fade away. I think you could try the gentle washing-up liquid cleaning on a tiny spot on the mesh handle and see how it goes.
  4. thanks alot :smile: