How Do You Clean Coach Scarfs?

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  1. Please don't say "dryclean".
  2. I had the same question and did a "search" on TPF. The Hermes forum has a thread going with wonderful suggestions and tips on how to care for silk scarves.
    Woolite and Dryell appear to be the best way.
  3. WOW you must be psychic! I was bored in class today, and started wondering the same thing! I guess woolite it is!
  4. Woolite?
    Like throw some woolite and the scarf in the washer by itself?
    Sorry if that was an ignorant question, but I've never washed clothes...
  5. I've never washed a COACH silk scarf; however, I am a pretty good launderer. If in fact Woolite is the answer, which I would agree sounds right, I would HANDWASH it in the sink and gently squish the excess water out and lay it flat to dry. Try to smooth it out flat as it dries. You can lay it on a towel.
  6. you've never washed clothes?!?

  7. thats what i do! i use a very mild soap and warm water and get what looks like a small scarf bubble bath. then i dip the scarf in and give it a rub a dub and then if there are areas that need to be spot cleaned i can do that by soaking a cloth in the bath mix and rubbing it on the scarf. let it hang dry. if wrinkled put it in the bathroom with the shower going on HOT so it can steam.
  8. *reads and learns*
  9. I'll have to try that. I've owned my scarf for less than a week and I already have a stain on it.

    No. Mom won't let me near the washer, dryer, stove or sink. Sounds bratty I suppose, but it's because she doesn't want me to break anything, lol. In either case, I love it!
  10. Great idea!:idea:
  11. Lol! Just got my first ponytail scarf and I :heart: it! It's so pretty. It came yesterday and I've worn it in my hair twice already-to class last night and to school today. Lol, I'm insane :p

    So today at school I'm thinking "I wonder how I clean this". Thanks for this thread, yippee!