How do you clean Bottega Leather?

  1. I have a bottega bag and wallet that I used practically everyday. It's really dirty and has a brown spot from the dirt. My wallet is worst, I couldnt even describe what it went through. I heard that you can't clean bottega leather at all. How do you guys clean your bags? :crybaby:
  2. ^^ Welcome to the forum, lintot. What colours are your BVs?
  3. my bag is bright, greenish blue... it's from past seasons.. and my wallet is chocolate brown. it's not really obvious on my wallet but it is so obvious on my bag.

    thank you for your welcome..
  4. I am not going to be of much help but maybe you could bring it to a leather cleaner? I have the Limo (taupey grey) and it is starting to darken at the sides of the weaving at some parts (but not on the weave itself). It's not very obvious for now, but I'd be worried it if continues.

    What have you heard about BV leather not able to be cleaned?
  5. I bought it in bottega new york and the SA told me that I couldn't clean it at all because bottega leather is really soft and fine.. so I'm worried if I bring it to leather cleaner, he will ruin everything. =(.. take care of your bottega..
  6. I'd bring it to BV directly to send them for cleaning. My BV shop offers cleaning and repairing directly at the Italian factory and it just takes about a week.
  7. Think they could help me w/ my wallet? I just bought the appleguard cleaner but afraid to use it ..
    P8100020.JPG P8100021.JPG
  8. I've actually wondered if I should try to have it dyed. The SA told me not to buy a light wallet, but hello, why make them and sell them? I use it all the time, I just love touching it.
  9. I once asked a SA in Neiman Marcus what to do with a dirty BV ( I have a Bianco veneta) and she said the best is to send it to a store and have it cleaned.
  10. What do they charge for that? any clue?
  11. you can bring it to the BV store and has it cleaned my SA told me its one of there services
  12. Hi Lintot and Duranie70, before I bought my Magnolia Montaigne, I had so much fear with the ultra light color esp. in terms of cleaning. Then I called the BV shop in Germany and what they told me is that BV offers cleaning and repairing service which is free for the 1st year. Later on, you can also have it normally at a charge of around 70euro. They can send it directly to Italy for repairing, etc. If you're in Western Europe, it takes around 4 weeks. While the length of time probably differs, however, what the BV store told me is that this service you can have it at any BV stores all over the world.

    Hope it helps.
  13. Thanks gemibebe that is good to know, especially with light coloured leathers. Have you used their service?? Does the bag come back as good as new??
  14. I don't think you should use any cleaner or leather protector on them. Dunno how the colour will "react" to those. I think the best thing is to send it to BV for cleaning. Do they have this service in US or Hong Kong at all?
  15. Disclaimer: I'm not recommending--only sharing info.

    I actually cleaned and moisturized my noce veneta with leftover coach products a few days ago, then reapplied Collonil Nanopro. Color didn't change a bit, and it's softer and better than ever!