How do you clean an LV mono denim?

  1. Help! Would anyone give me tips on how to clean the denim portion of a mono denim LV? The cowhide portion is very sensitive and I think sending my bag to the cleaners would be a disaster.
  2. I would not send it to the cleaners. :Push:

    Actually I'm not sure how to clean the denim. I have a few of the denim bags and have never had to clean them.

    is it a spot that you're worried about or the entire bag?
  3. It's actually the entire bag. When you look at it, the color seems to have somehow "changed", not as bright. I'm pretty sure dirt has something to do with it.
  4. the bag will fade just like jeans do.

    If the bag has been in the sun i'm sure thats the issue.

    I did spill coffee on my neo denim speedy and just used a damp cloth and it cleaned up just fine, you can't even tell.

  5. are you able to post pic's?
  6. Sent an e-mail to the website, guess I have to wait for a day or 2 for their reply. I think their e-mail is somehow of official. I don't want to bother myself going to the store. I think SA's aren't that reliable when it comes to taking care of the bags. They usually tell you the safest answers.

    Will keep you guys posted.
  7. The bag looked basically the same as it were when I bought it. Maybe I just love my bag so much that the slightest dirt makes me crazy =)
  8. the bag wears like denim. I like that look. Kinda like old jeans. :yes:
  9. plz girls add more inputs.. my neo speedy needs 2 be cleaned badly :sad:
  10. According to the care booklet

    it says to take care of stains, wipe with slightly damp, soft and light cloth.
  11. I wonder what LV's response will be. I hope I never HAVE to clean my Mini Pleaty!!! :hysteric:
  12. Wow, the whole bag...I def. agree with the girls and ask LV.

    If it is surface dirt, you can try the trusty baby wipes....that's what I use on my antigua, and it works well.
  13. Thanks guys, i'll get back to you as soon as I get their response =)
  14. :yes: I'm interested too, because now my bag has a denim that looks gorgeous, I like also the used look,;) but I really don't like...
    The dirty denim!!!!!!!:yucky:

  15. Keep us posted! I haven't had to clean any of mine yet, but I'm sure I will!