How do you clean a Gucci bag?

  1. I have a beautiful Gucci Trapezoid Hobo, the large with tan leather trim and baby blue/white signature stripe. Unfortunately it has got quite grubby with wear and i would love to restore it to its former glory.

    Does anyone know how to go about getting one cleaned i.e. does Gucci have a service, are there places you can send it to be cleaned, can you take it to a dry cleaners....?
  2. I'd like to know too!
  3. I was at the Gucci store last year at their Repair dept.. I overheard a girl asking where it can be cleaned.. I think I heard the girl at the counter say she had her stuff sent to a cleaner to get steam cleaned? Gucci doesn't do it but I think they recommended someone for her.. Maybe you can call Gucci in your area and see who they recommend?
  4. thanks mssmelanie, will give it a try!
  5. I have a monogram jackie o style and it has gotten a little dirty under the clasp and I asked Gucci, they said bring it in and we'll send it out and give you an estimate. If it's under a year, they do repairs for free. I have no idea how much they charge.
  6. I asked SA at Gucci Store in HK, and they recommended a professional drycleaner, but im worried (i know its a stretch, but still, :sad: ), that they may swap my bag. fakes are everywhere in HK, did anyone take their bags to dryclean before? Please tell, should i make them write down the serial number? I think im being over paranoid...:sweatdrop:
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