How do you CHOOSE???

  1. ...which bag to carry?!!?? I bought the Ergo Sig Hobo a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. However, my eBay (lucky) purchase just came in the mail yesterday (A Black Sig Slim Tote) and I LOVE it, too! HOW DO YOU EVER CHOOSE which bag to carry?!?!?!? :shrugs: I want to carry my NEW, full-price bag because it is just that: new and FULL-PRICE. But...I REALLY want to carry my new black one. I am afraid I will fall more in love with the black one and my Ergo will find a new home in the closet :confused1:
    What to do:shrugs:
  2. I do a two week rotation on all my bags (and I try to alternate between totes/shoulder bags each rotation).

    I will swap out during the week for a "special occasion" (ie - wanting to carry a spec. bag to show off (heheh) or change to a swing pack for shopping)

    I find if I force myself to rotate every other week...I force myself to actually USE the bags I own...heheh

    and I get a ton of compliments on older bags too!
  3. depends on the weather and my outfits. i don't want to take my ergo tote in the rain, so i'll use a sig or my carly.
  4. first is: weather and outfit

    second: if a few bags go, change them throughout the day. i have been known to switch out my bags at least 3x a day...sometimes i go a few days with out changing (but thats rare)
  5. LOL... I carry which ever one I am going to get in the least trouble with DH for carrying... :p

    In all seriousness, I try to change them out fairly often - or change depending on situation/what's going on that day. I just can't change toooo often, because then DH gets suspious.:sneaky:
  6. I like that idea! I think I am going to try it.
  7. I've been carrying my Mandy since I bought it on 3/23!

    I used my Holiday Patchwork Duffle all last fall/winter.

    I guess I change bags with the seasons!

    My next bag for summer is going to be a legacy leather shoulder bag!:yes:
  8. I do it mostly because of the Outfit =D