How do you choose your scarves?


Feb 27, 2007
well, i've definitely been bitten by the h-scarf bug. i thought 'circle of life' in orange was going to be my ONE and ONLY (yeah right). then i had to get the pink berries plisse. i lost an auction on ebay for my grail scarf, 'les pivoines' pink peonies on white background but managed to locate one at a random neiman marcus (in transit). (special thanks to quinn's mom for finding my grail scarf on ebay in the first place - would have loved to have the first edition since it looked a bit different than the 2001 reissue). and now the new spring/summer scarves are starting to trickle in (thankfully there is so i can check every few days).

so, i'm wondering how everyone picks their scarves. i want to make sure to buy when they are current so i don't have to regret, scrounge around, buy a possible fake on ebay, or wait forever for a possible reissue (still waiting for recontre ocean). do you go with how the design looks opened up, how it looks tied on, both? do you limit yourself to one scarf in each colorway?

just curious. funny, random questions pop in my head when i'm running on the track.


Jan 15, 2007
So far, I've chosen scarves on the basis of overall design/theme...i.e., would I want to display it as wall art? But, I've noticed that the same scarves that I would love to frame don't necessarily look good tied around my neck, so currently I'm wondering whether I've been going about it the wrong way.

Now, I think I'm more focused on whether the main colors in the scarf suit me...I have a hard time imagining how a scarf would look tied, so going by overall color seems safest to find something that is flattering. Although I suppose if you tend to wear your scarf with the corners hanging down, you might want to pay attention to any border details of the design.


May 30, 2006
Overall color first, then design. I try to look at the scarf's middle section on a diagonal b/c that is how I frequently tie my scarves and that would be the most visible piece of it.

I tend to like meaningful, intricate designs with flora and fauna--Turandot, Au Coeur de la Vie, Decoupages, Lumieres de Paris, all the Jardin scarves (d'Armenie, d'Andalousie, Creole). Although I had sworn off equine-themed scarves, when my SA sent me the new Projet Carres in red and I tied it, I was totally thrown off by how great it looked. Tying it is a must.

Quinn's Mom

Smell the Togo
Jan 29, 2007
The Other Half of NJ
I've been collecting for awhile and have it down now...

I never look at them tied...I look only at the design then choose which is the best colorway within that pattern. If none of the CW's work..I skip the design.

With the exception of the Charlotte Turandot, I only buy one CW per pattern.

I like my scarves to depict something in the pattern most people could recognize if it were open, so I do not go for anything too abstract....or flowery either with exceptions like Peonies or Serenite.

and congrats on the peonies...and aww shucks on the ebay thing...I was going ot ask you how it turned out.


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
I just buy what I like in colors that are flattering.......and sometimes I buy the same design in more than one colorway. I'm hopeless in the face of scarves.......and old bags it seems.

Grands Fonds

Alive and Kicking
May 29, 2006
I choose design first, then decide which (and how many) colourways I'll buy. It's never colourway first, for me.


Mar 30, 2006
Great question! I've also got the serious scarf bug-- I tend to start with color (do I like the color, will it go with my stuff?) Then pattern -- personally I get irked when I'm looking at a scarf on eBay where it isn't tied because I can't visualize how 'busy' the scarf will be when on my neck. While I tend to favor simpler patterns lately I'm fantasizing about a Bohu and mousselines so who knows where this'll take me next.


May 15, 2006
New England
It's been like this since I chose my first Hermes scarf: Always color first, then design. When I look in the scarf cases, I scan the color groups that appeal to me and then look at design. I can only think of two scarves I've bought in more than one colorway (Sangles and Des Fleurs Pour le Dire). I also gravitate to certain designers (Annie Favre, Joachim Metz, Loïc Dubigeon) without first knowing which scarves they've designed.


Sep 10, 2006
My choices are all over the map -- equine and other wildlife, nature/historical/geographical, etc. scenes. I look at both design and colorway. Sometimes I'm attracted by the design first and then look for a colorway I like; sometimes it's the colorway first and then I decide if the design appeals to me. There are also certain designers whose designs I gravitate towards. Although, I've been tempted more than a few times, I haven't gone for multiple colorways of the same design.