How do you choose your hardware color?

  1. Do you choose based on what looks best with the bag color or based on what type of jewelry you wear? I wear platinum jewelry and so I bought my bags with the silver hardware, but I am thinking of getting a beige bag and think the beige looks great with gold hardware...
  2. yes and no, my 05' Grey reissue was only done in silver and so is my 06' Bourdeux reissue, my 07A black reissue (NOT metallic) was only done in gold, but my gst is silver h/w , your choice of beige gst will look beautiful in gold h/w it brings out the beige color even better.
    btw, I wear both 18k yellow and white gold.
    Good luck!:smile:
  3. I think most bags look better with silver toned hardware. BUT there are rare occasions that the bag looks better with gold. The beige GST looks stunning with gold hardware. I would probably buy a bag according to what hardware matches best.
  4. for me it depends on the bag
    i mainly prefer silver hardware, but there's a couple style that I really like the gold on.
  5. I love silver. I'd never buy a bag with gold hardware unless it was something like a medallion tote where the h/w isn't very noticeable. Even then, it would probably bug me.
  6. I only wear silver jelwery but I love both! I have both! The beige gst is perfect with g/h.
  7. It depends on the look of the bag. I choose gold or silver since I wear both.
  8. I choose gold or silver too. My Chanel has gold hardware. But I think it all depends what color hardware looks best on the bag.
  9. I just got a black double flap lambskin and got the silver hardware over gold because I mainly wear silver/white gold jewellery and thought it would match better.

    I do prefer silver hardware over gold but there are some colours that look really nice with gold hardware. e.g. pink flap, choc bubble flap. I also like that antiqued/old gold with some styles :heart:
  10. Like always I'm the odd one out. If I have a choice, gold would prevail for most bags. I say most because there are a few that do look better with silver. My rule of thumb is not what jewelry I wear mostly but rather the color of the purse. If the bag is a warm color, gold is always going to look better, richer. Conversely, if the bag is a cool tone, color then silver is going to look better. In the late 80s, early 90s, gold hardware was the mainstay. Silver is a more recent addition. It seems one doesn't always have the choice of hardware. If you love the color and the style of the bag, the hardware is what it is. Would you turn down your "dream" bag because it had gold versus silver or vice versa?
  11. Most of my chanels are silver but I have two with beige and picked gold because I love that combo.
  12. I go by color of the bag and I prefer ruthenium over silver or pewter.
  13. jmen - I'm with you. I prefer gold hardware on all my chanel, thus far. I have mostly black and one red bags and they all have gold hardware. I normally wear a lot of white gold and platinum jewelry, but for some reasons chanel bags with gold hardware look better on me. When I tried on bags with silver versus gold hardware, both my friends and SAs always said gold look better on me. So, I buy what looks good on me.
  14. I always choose gold h/w because I just love it and it looks best on me. My skin shivers at silver---makes me looks washed out. I'm somewhat dismayed that more and more styles are available only in silver, but trends change. Choose what you love.
  15. im pretty picky when it comes to gold and silver but i would pick on what hardware goes good with what color for my beige pst i plan on getting gold hardware. and im gonig to try my hardest to not be picky when i wear since its a pretty penny !