How do you choose which handbag to use today?

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  1. Do you choose your outfit first, then the purse that will go with the outfit? Or do you choose your purse first, then choose the outfit to wear? Does the weather make a difference on which handbag you'll choose?
  2. I kinda do both...most of the time I choose outfits first BUT if I have new bags that I'd like to use, then I choose bags first :P
    the weather hardly makes a difference, only if it rains, I try not to use big leather bags. but almost all my bags are leather so I use smaller bags or not-so-good bags. don't want to ruin the good ones!
  3. I tend to change my bags monthly/seasonally unless I have a nice dinner or something special to go to.
  4. Depends also on 1: the weather 2: what I am going to do.
    If i really want to wear that specific bag, i choose my clothes for my bag:smile:
  5. The choice has been easy lately--I recently got a Coach Legacy duffle in "midnight" (navy), and it goes with almost everything! I'm loving it!!

    So, today--jeans, striped top, midnight duffle...again! :biggrin:
  6. Depends on what I'm going to do that day followed by outfit.
  7. I change my bags every week (talking about day bags, not evening clutches, these go with the outfit). And I try not to use the same bag before every bag has its week out :lol:
    The only exception, light coloured bags in winter. The winters here are cold, dark and dreary and light coloured bags look out of place.
  8. For me it depends on my outfit, where I plan to go, what I am going to do for the day, or the weather.
  9. What I need to carry (size of bag - because I like to carry only one bag at a time rather than a purse and a tote), weather, what I'm doing that day. I don't take LV to work or to see certain people who wouldn't approve.
  10. Weather and size. But then I don't have that many bags.
  11. I usually use the same back for longer periods of time :blush:
  12. Today I wear a ring with a red stone on it, so I use a red bag lol Normally it depends on the weather, where I go and what I'm doing;)
  13. A lot of it depends on what I'm doing. If I'm going to a park, I'll take my small crossbody. If I'm taking the dog out to the preserve to go on a hike/swim, I take a VB backpack (It has all of her stuff in it already, that's the only time I use it). If I am doing something that I will be setting my purse down a lot, my Fossil comes out. If I'm just walking around, going to the mall, visiting family, then my nicer bags come out. If it is supposed to rain, my bags that change colors when wet stay home regardless of what I'm doing. If I'm going to work, I will either take just my wallet and phone, or a small crossbody like my RM Mini MAC.
  14. It depends on whether I'm out for the day and need a big bag for water bottles, tablets, etc or just a couple of hours shopping when I just need credit cards, phone, lipstick etc.

    I don't tend to match my bag to my outfit - more to my daily needs.
  15. Definitely choose the outfit first.