How do you choose a scarf/shawl/stole to buy....


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Jan 18, 2006
Just curious what draws you to purchase a particular scarf/shawl/stole....

Is it the design...
Is it the color....
Is it the history of the pattern....
Is it the Artist....
Is it what it will look like folded.......

I realize that probably all these come into play but I'm wondering what the major factor is that makes you say "i've got to have that!"

For me it's the design, I have to love the design then I will choose a colorway...


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Jan 31, 2009
Escaping from Ban Island;-)
First choice for me is the design and the colorways it comes in.
When they released the Kelly en Caleche design in 2009, it was love at first sight. I really liked it and I ended up with two K en C cashmeres and two twillies.

Also, sometimes my SA showed me shawls that I would not pick myself.
But once I had it on, it looked really nice and I started to love it.

Then, there's something like TPF enabling :P. For example, the Tohu Bohu cashmere. In the beginning, I didn't like the design for me. This design always reminded me of a big bulls eye. But then I started to look at the modeling pictures on TPF and saw how beautiful they looked when worn. I started to like them more and more. I ended up with a Sapin GM and a black silk Tohu Bohu (and I would love to add some more TB shawls to my collection :graucho:).

I tell you, H. temptation is everywhere :P :true:!


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
Color/design and one that makes my heart sing immediately! Nearly all Hermes scarves/shawls are lovely, but only a few make my heart sing and say I MUST take it home with me.


Jan 17, 2009
The design for me the all ornate animal or feather or gold looks is what I fall for example

Jungle love,brazil,ors nomade,tigre royal, all the more complex classic designs .

Hope it helps darling .


May 9, 2008
First is the design and second the colour and if it suits me!! :yes:
ITA with this---there are often some designs that I love and colorways that I think will look good, but when I put it on --- :tdown: So it HAS to look good on me---I can especially tell if it brightens my face and I'm not wearing make-up. :smile:


Jun 14, 2008
London, UK
Design first then colour... I find that quite often when I see the design I want IRL, it looks better in a colour that's not the one I went in to get!

Also the fabric. I have just discovered the dip dye 90s which, like the 70s, just feel so much more wearable (if that makes sense).


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Apr 10, 2006
Downtown Bagbanistan
I concentrate first on color, because if a color does not look good on me, or doesn't fit in well with the clothing I have, I won't want to wear the scarf (no matter how beautiful the design).

Sometimes I forget that the way a scarf looks TIED is the way it will be seen 99% of the time. I have fallen in love with designs that look great when spread out, but was disappointed at the way they looked when tied and a lot of the detailing got lost in the folds. Chanel is right, Tohu Bohu is a good example of one I didn't "get" until I saw how beautifully it looked when worn.

One other thing I have discovered: designs that I love in silk sometimes do not appeal to me as much in silk/cashmere. The sharp edges of tiny details are softened in the cashmere (and apparently I prefer high definition!)


Jan 15, 2007
All of the above: color has to catch me and I know (thanks to Color me Ugly) what colors are going to look great next to the face but running neck and neck (no pun intended) is design. So both design and color. I agree with clutchbag about the cashmeres are muted when compared to silk.

Btw clutchbag, how's the water clarity at Ban Lake -- got any grand fonds swimming past?
May 27, 2007
I was never interested in shawls until Couvertures et Tenues, my favorite design, came out in the GM. So, my first shawl was chosen because of design; the fuchsia/blue colorway is not exactly my ideal colors, but I find that I can wear it with most everything in my closet. I agree with Clutchbag that I might like a design I'n the silk 90cm carre but not when enlarged to the GM size. For scarves, I look firstly for a design that has meaning to me, primarily equine themed, and secondly at how it looks when tied. I'd love the scarf with the horses made of dots from this season, but when tied, it just looks like a lot of dots and nothing to do with horses.

Great thread, btw!


Aug 7, 2009
I was not interested in shawls until my SA in HK introduced me the La Danse du Cheval Marwari, my first shawls, then I became addicted to them :love::love:
And now, I first look at the color, then the design:biggrin: