How do you choose a colour?


how do you choose your bbags?

  1. i want a variety of colors; like a rainbow!

  2. i like a certain color and just choose different shades.

  3. i just see what i like and grab it!

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  1. i have noticed that some people either want a rainbow or love certain shades of a color. how do you choose your bbags?
  2. I base it on color mostly. Love the bright colors like Aquamarine, Violet and Magenta
  3. I am really bad about choosing,it takes me ages . In the beginning I bought because I loved the color and style (a lot of costly impulse buys) but I have grown more selective now and think more about :

    Are you really going to wear it?
    Is this "you" or do you like it just because others have and love it?
    Does it go with your wardrobe?
    Is it too similar to a bag I have already? etc...

    If I had unlimited or let's say bigger bagfunds I would buy a bid more and also more color (I tend to stick to neutrals now) for a greater variety.
  4. i choose B bags with my instinct, some kind of chemistry going on when holding and touching the bag, it's like love at first sight. you feel it or not. the color i chose at the beginning was black, i wanted a basic easy matching practical bag, i got a black twiggy! when i tried it on, it just looked right!!!! Then i wanted a Work, i went to the shop wanting a mastic work and ended up with a truffle Work which looked gorgeous on my outfit!!!!!!! Then i walked pass the Balenciaga corner and saw the 2007 violet, the color seemed so beautiful, when i tried a violet step on, i realized that i fell in love with this color. but the style wasn't really mine. Then i tried the courier on, it was amazing, love at first sight!!! i went back to the shop one day after.:heart::love::heart:
    conclusion, i love all my b bags and am proud of them all.
  5. I always buy brighter bags because they're interesting and fun but then end up selling them for neutrals. I wish it was different, but alas, I need my brown and black.
  6. i always have a "holy grail", and end up going with something completely different. I'd love to go for something more colorful, but I know if I get a more vibrant bag it'll be sitting in the dustbag for quite some time, cuz i'll always go back to my browns or blacks.

    The most "vibrant" bbag i have now is my ocean/navy/bleu besace, and i can barely find a way to fit THAT into most of my outfits.

    I can also be pretty cheap (which is a funny word to use when discussing bbags :p), if a bag is on sale or at a ridiculous low price, i'll probably go with that over something i think looks amazing on others but i probably wont get much use out of.
  7. I tend to stick with the same colors just in different shades.
  8. hMm... this is a good question.. I started out wanting a darker rainbow of shades, because the lighter colored & brighter colors would stress me out in attempting to keep them clean. Then I started noticing that I would prefer wearing certain colored bags more than other w/ my wardrobe. Then the other bags would just sit and sit in my closet & accumulate... To me that was $ just laying there. So I eventually sold them and now I stick to colors that are go with everything, black, browns & neutrals. ;)
  9. I'm with catcat! I think about whether or not I'll actually carry it; will it clash with my wardrobe; do I really need this color because even though it's lovely, is it really ME? I'd love to have a City in GGH because it's so beautiful when I see everyone else's but when I actually got one, I realized that it's just not for ME. Now before I purchase anything, I'll go through my mental checklist before taking the plunge.;)
  10. i love the color and i want to mix color and style. means i want black first, fb day, bordeaz city, different color for work, different color for MU, kinda like that. but i would repeat city style for different color.
  11. i find that i dont choose my bags,, they choose me!!

    i find just from looking around here,, i keep going back to certain bags over and over again,, then i know i am hooked.. and the hunting begins!!
  12. When I was new to Bal, I used to buy based on color only (what appealed to my eye -- usually something vibrant and bright), but then I'd get the bag and discover that it wasn't as wearable as I'd like. Bag guilt would soon follow. So now, if a color is gorgeous but doesn't GO with my wardrobe and rarely sees the light of day, then I'll sell it. Now I buy bags based mostly on how often I'll wear it, even if it isn't the "hot" color of the moment. As a result, I now own more neutral-colored B-bags than I ever thought I would.

    I.e., I adore jaune and was on the waitlist for ages, but I backed out because I don't think I'll wear it often enough to justify the price tag. The hardest thing is ignoring all the "hype" and choosing bags based on how much I'll use it, versus the brightness of the color and how much chatter there is about it.
  13. Relative Bal newbie here, I have a white first, a mogano city and blue NM city. Pine City and Mastic are on their way (may have second thoughts about Mastic) but basically I have a "color wish list." There are colors I love but know I would never wear (like Magenta) and there are colors that I want ("need" LOL) which I tend to stick by. Been burned SOOOO many times before buying "fab" colored bags that sit in my closet so I'm trying to be a bit more discriminating now (whatever that means!!!)
  14. I love this thread and the comments!!

    Some of my bags have choosen me too :yes:

    I try to have a variety of styles (2 by 2: Work, City, First) and a variety of colors: more Power Colors for the Works, more casual colors for the Cities, and the most POP I can get for the Firsts. :wlae:
  15. In the beginning, I really got sucked in by Bals fantastic colors. I had a lot of fun wearing them but grew tired of changing my bags daily to match my outfits. That's when I started sticking with my neutrals. Plus, I absolutely fell in love with Anthracite and Steel and didn't want to wear anything else. My collection has done a complete turn around.....from a rainbow of colors to now all neutrals.

    As for styles.......after much trial and error, I've found that my favorites are the City, Courier and Part-time. My PT's are GH and my City's are RH. I'd like to have a Giant Clutch someday and possibly a Black Oval.